GTA Online: All Peyote Plant Locations - February 18

Peyote Plants are back in the latest GTA Online Weekly Update! This is massive news for GTA Online players and the Rockstar Community as a whole.

If you're looking to try out the hallucinogenic herbs for yourself, then keep reading for every Peyote Plant location!

What are Peyote Plants?

Peyote Plants are hallucinogenic plants that can be consumed by your character, transforming them into all sorts of animals.

gta online peyote plants
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FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND: You can turn into everything from a Stag to a Pug

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There's no great reward for completing this apart from getting 5000 RP for each plant consumed after your hallucination finishes and you wake up at the nearest hospital.

GTA Online Peyote Plants Locations

Using the map from gosunoob, you can find all the Peyote plant locations in GTA Online.

Once you get into the general location of a plant, your pad will start to vibrate. You will then see on the floor, a small green circle with white and yellow flowers on top. 

gta online peyote plants map
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HUNTING SEASON: You'll have your work cut out if you want to find all 76 plants

Once you eat one of the plants, you will become a random animal until you are killed. Then, you will return to your normal form at the nearest hospital. 

Video Guide

If you're struggling to find the Peyote Plants from the map alone, then Lachty's YouTube video guide can help you find the exact locations.

Check it out below:

Peyote Plants returned to the game as part of the latest weekly update.

There's no word from Rockstar how long they will remain in the game, so act fast if you want to fully experience these transformative shrubs!

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