GTA Online Anti-Cheat has been almost entirely removed from the game

gta online the contract promo shot

gta online the contract promo shot

In one of the strangest turn of events in recent memory, a recent patch for GTA Online appears to have removed most of the components of the anti-cheat system.

Prominent GTA Online reporter @TezFunz2 delivered the news which has been met with comedic backlash from the PC community. No one seems to know whether it's intentional or not and it's causing quite the debate.

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Anti-Cheat almost entirely removed from GTA Online

The GTA Online community on PC has long suffered at the hands of hackers and modders who make life a misery for honest players. There is no end of videos online showing just how much of a negative effect cheating can have within GTA Online.

You can imagine the surprise of players when news broke recently that the most recent patch to the PC version of GTA 5 removed up to 95% of the anti-cheat components from the game. As you can see in the above tweet, the move has been referred to as odd and we have to agree.

The situation only gets weirder though as explained in another tweet from Tez2 responding to a question suggesting a completely new version could be arriving soon instead.

This response certainly seems to suggest that this is a mistake as opposed to being intentional. In the event that a new anti-cheat system was on the way, it's unlikely that the old one would need to be removed/reduced in order to implement the new one.

We expect that this has already been flagged within Rockstar as they won't want their online lobbies to become vulnerable. Many community members have had their say with jokes being made that there will likely be no difference in the level of protection as the current anti-cheat system is so ineffective.

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