GTA 6 LEAK: "Unannounced" Rockstar titles look to be in the pipeline

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It's been over seven years since Grand Theft Auto 5 first hit store shelves, and we still have no idea about when Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming or what to expect.

Rumors continue to swirl around Grand Theft Auto 6 and what it may potentially feature going forward.

GTA 6 Rumors: New Unannounced Titles

Fans have been working to sniff out any potential lead they can regarding GTA 6 or another entry in the series.

One particular rumor stems from CharlieIntel, who points out a particular LinkedIn page from Rockstar Leeds Senior Designer Ian Gander.

Gander worked at the company over a decade, having contributed to both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of design with missions and gameplay features.

Gander has listed several roles on his LinkedIn page about unannounced titles with some "TBC" language, indicating there's more information to come.

This could indicate there are several additional games from Rockstar on the docket, including potential new GTA entries and even the Bully sequel.

Big Bully - Bully 2 has been a longtime ask from Rockstar fans
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Big Bully - Bully 2 has been a longtime ask from Rockstar fans

GTA 6: New IP rumors

Rockstar could very well be working on additional games as well as GTA 6, which might be the reasoning behind part of its delay.

It's possible that these new IP rumors could be linked to the wait behind any information we're waiting on for GTA 6 news.

Currently fans seem to think there's the possibility of a potential GTA 6 confirmation when Super Bowl 55 debuts on February 7.

Rockstar hasn't confirmed anything of the sort, but given that so much time has passed between announcements and GTA 5, it feels like anything could be possible these days.

GTA 6: New NPC patent, female protagonist

There's still plenty to dig into when it comes to GTA 6 and Rockstar's developments, even if we don't know when we're going to hear more official news.

Recently, Rockstar applied for a patent for new tech called "System and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment" that would change the way NPCs behave in-game and react to situations.

The patent would allow NPCs to head down new routes if one were blocked and even try to avoid collisions.

YOU GO GIRL - GTA 6 could potentially feature a female protagonist
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YOU GO GIRL - GTA 6 could potentially feature a female protagonist

There are also rumors that a female protagonist could be heading up GTA 6.

Given that the games have traditionally starred male characters, this would be an interesting step forward for the franchise.

There hasn't been a female protagonist since the original Grand Theft Auto when it hit consoles in 1997.

A new woman fronting a GTA game would be a landmark occasion for 2021.

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