Every New Vehicle Added in The GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises Update

GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises has finally arrived, bringing the 2022 Summer update for Rockstar's popular multiplayer sandbox of chaos to gamers across the globe and introducing more content to the game for fans to explore.

Much like any expansion worth its salt, GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises also provides a variety of new vehicles that can be purchased, customised and perhaps most importantly driven around the map of Los Santos, likely leaving chaos in their wake.

Here is every single vehicle introduced in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises.

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*UPDATE* Dripfeed Vehicles Revealed

According to GTAOnlineNews via the Twitter account ClassiqueGTA, some of the dripfeed cars that can be expected throughout the update have been revealed

It is currently unclear when these vehicles will arrive or how much they will eventually cost getting a nice insight into what's coming is always useful so you can better prepare for when they drop into the game.

GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises Vehicles

As the update is launched across the world on both consoles and PC, players are already discovering more about the large number of vehicles they can purchase for their hard-earned, in-game cash.

Launch day has a total of six new vehicles for players to purchase, with a total expected to be somewhere around 18 by the time the next major update rolls around.

When it comes to purchasing all of those vehicles, players can expect to fork up around $30 Million in total across the update with a maximum of $13,310,000 needed to cover the cost of all of the day one vehicles available to you right now.

For those of us not rolling in the dough, however, we have some decisions to make when it comes to which vehicles are worth buying and luckily for us, Rockstar news source TezFunz2 has broken down the costs of each of them, allowing you to pick the best fit for you.

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