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25 Sep 2019

GRID 2019: RealSport joins forces with Codemasters to launch the brand new GRID

GRID 2019: RealSport joins forces with Codemasters to launch
the brand new GRID

It follows RealSport upping traffic by 40 per cent since April as it continues to attract new readers.

RealSport has teamed up with world-renowned video game maker Codemasters to help launch the new GRID game.

The agreement to be one of Codemasters’ partners for this launch comes as RealSport parent company Gfinity is rapidly expanding its organic online community of gamers.

Gfinity is currently connecting with more than 20 million gamers monthly, with its website - Gfintyesports.com - attracting more than 1.5m visitors last month alone.

Grid is shaping up to be a quality racing game

For three weeks starting 30th September, RealSport and its supporting social channels will feature and amplify news, editorials and opinion pieces written by leading motor sport writers, advertising, video content and weekly online interactive quizzes.

The tailored GRID content will reach and engage Gfinity’s community of hard to reach young gamers, many of which are racing fans.

John Clarke, Global Brand and Marcomms Officer at Gfinity, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with Codemasters to utilise our RealSport web and social channels to create and deliver great content. Codemasters games are amazing and the new GRID is no exception.

"Our millions-strong community of gamers are already excited about its launch. This is another great example of how we continue to design, develop and deliver esports solutions for our clients.

"This time through our community, which is starting to generate  significant and recurring revenue streams for the Company.”

RealSport has see traffic grow 40 since April as it heads into the busy Christmas period

Shaun White, Head of Communications, Codemasters said: “RealSport continues to innovate and create content that appeals to both hardcore and casual racing game fans.

"As excitement builds for the upcoming release of GRID, we see RealSport and its community as an ideal partner and platform to talk directly to our players and establish new fans.”