EA Sports PGA Tour Best Bag: Club Specs, Customisation & more

ea sports pga tour best bag

ea sports pga tour best bag

You've got the skills to become the best golfer on tour, but you need the equipment to match if you want to win all the titles, so use our EA Sports PGA Tour best bag guide to help you out!

There is so much customisation within the new title that it can be a bit overwhelming for new players - especially if they don't have a good knowledge of golf.

Fear not, as we take you through the various clubs, specs and more to give you the best bag in EA Sports PGA Tour.

EA Sports PGA Tour Best Bag

In EA Sports PGA Tour you have the ability to create up to five custom bags, each with a different assortment of clubs, giving you the right tools to tackle different courses.

As well as picking the right clubs to suit your style or the course, you can also change the degree of your driver and wedges. A lower degree will give you a lower loft on your shot, causing the ball to fly further and roll upon landing. A higher degree gives a higher loft, causing the ball to fly higher and stop faster upon landing.

When you start the game, all your clubs will have common and balanced specs, which you can then upgrade to improve power, accuracy, control and recovery.

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ea sports pga tour best bag setup
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COVERING ALL BASES - Make sure there isn't too much yardage between clubs

In creating your bag you want to make sure that all distances of shots are accounted for, so you can always be in the best position, using the shot type you want, not being forced into plays that might not work.

As a general rule, this means that each club should give a distance of around 10-15 yards difference from the next club up or down from it.

The exception to this is with your driver and wood, which will be your big hitters!

With that in mind, your best bag to start with should look something like this:

  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 4 Iron
  • 5 Iron
  • 6 Iron
  • 7 Iron
  • 8 Iron
  • 9 Iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • 50° Wedge
  • 54° Wedge
  • 60° Wedge
  • Putter

Club Rundown

If you have no prior knowledge about golf and need a quick summary of what each club is generally used for in EA Sports PGA Tour, then take note of this club rundown.


  • Longest club in the bag, typically used for tee shots on par 4s and par 5s
  • Designed to maximize distance off the tee


  • Used for long shots off the fairway or tee on shorter par 4 holes
  • Designed to provide distance and accuracy


  • A cross between a wood and an iron
  • Gives a shorter distance of a wood but more than an iron, with similar control of an iron
  • Can be used for hitting from difficult lies such as rough or fairway bunkers
  • Can be used to replace long irons for easier play
  • Designed to provide versatility in shot-making


  • Clubs numbered from 1 to 9, with lower numbers representing longer irons
  • Used for a variety of shots including tee shots on shorter holes, approach shots, and shots from the fairway
  • Designed to provide accuracy and control
  • Shorter irons (8, 9) are designed for approach shots to the green
  • Longer irons (3, 4) are designed for distance and lower trajectory


  • Used for short shots around the green
  • Typically have a higher loft than irons
  • Available in a variety of lofts, including sand wedge, and lob wedge
  • Designed to provide maximum spin and control for shots that require precision and touch


  • Used for rolling the ball on the green and into the hole
  • Designed for accuracy and control on the green

Club Specs

A big mistake some people are making in EA Sports PGA Tour is buying equipment in the store to improve their clubs.

Equipment does nothing to the stats, it is purely cosmetic. Although you want to look as slick as possible on the fairways, what you need to invest in to improve your abilities are specs!

You will see that there are varying rarities for each club and spec type, going from common, through uncommon, rare, epic and finally legendary.

The higher the rarity, the greater the stats, with some focussing more on a specific attribute area; broken down into power, accuracy, control, recovery or balanced.

In general, the pro signature specs are the best, giving a unique outlay of stats that match that golfer's technique - so look out for them when they pop up in the store!

ea sports pga tour dustin johnson legendary iron specs
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PLAY LIKE THE PROS - Invest in legendary signature specs

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You will need to buy specs in the store with Reward Points, which are earned by completing quests, with the legendary signature specs costing 18,000 Reward Points, with legendary specs costing 15,000.

As gaining Reward Points can be a bit of a grind, it is best to save up and go all-in for legendary and signature specs, instead of slowly upgrading your bag with uncommon, rare and epic specs.

Of course, it is a personal choice in how you want to upgrade your specs and it will change depending on your style, however, in general, you want to focus on the following boosts with each club:

  • Driver: Power
  • Wood: Power, accuracy and control
  • Irons & Wedges: Accuracy and control

You can also boost the specs of your ball, with power, accuracy and control all vital components. There are no specs for putters.

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