How to open Hu Tao dungeon door in Genshin Impact

We're getting closer to the release of Genshin Impact's 1.4 update, but players are still struggling to get to grips with some Hu Tao quests.

One particularly tricky one is the Perfect Send-Off quest, which features a puzzle that you need to solve to open a dungeon door and progress towards the border.

Finding the Soul Orbs

The puzzle in question involves soul orbs and can be quite difficult to work out. We'll lay the steps out for you below.

First, once you enter the dungeon, you'll see a soul orb in front of you that you'll need to grab. You'll need two to light up the lanterns by the entrance to the dungeon, allowing you to progress.

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With it, you'll then be able to go through the door to your left - the one that's covered in a spider's web.

Once you're through, keep following the path forward, falling in the pool and then burning the vines blocking your way once you've reached land once more.

Past there, you'll cross a bridge and reach a door in front of you that'll open slowly (it's made of pillars). Inside, you'll find the second soul orb that you're after.

Opening the Dungeon Door in Genshin Impact

With the two orbs in your character's possession, head back to the dungeon door that you've been looking to enter.

Either side of the door you'll see two lanterns that you need to light up. Simply walk towards them so that your soul orbs light them up.

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You'll then be able to head through and continue the Perfect Send-Off quest storyline.

You'll certainly come across more tricky puzzles in Genshin Impact, and even more once version 1.4 releases in a few weeks, but at least you're past the troublesome dungeon door now.

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