Tips for farming Genshin Impact primogems FAST

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Primogems are easily the most sought-after resource in the Genshin Impact, as it is what allows players to pull from the Wish banners other than Fates. It is also one of the only resources in the game that can be refuelled with real-life money.

While it is tempting to purchase money to constantly refresh the stock to keep rolling on wishes, not everyone has that option. For those that don’t, this guide should help players farm Primogems the old-fashioned way—with hard work.

If at first it feels like the amount received during the farming doesn’t feel significant, just remember that the small values gained slowly accumulate when saved.

Main Story Quests

Most story quests and character side quests provide an amount of Primogems upon completion. Just play through them as they unlock, and the rewards will follow.

Grinding Adventure Rank

On occasion, levelling the Adventure Rank will give out Primogems. Keep an eye out on hitting every 5 levels, as they usually come with the Ascension quest at the same time.

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Open Rare Treasure Chests

Usually, Precious Chests and Exquisite Chests gift the player Primogems once opened. Chests surrounded by a red ring (which usually means something is protecting it) also provide Primogems on occasion. In general, just open chests when you see them in the horizon.

Daily Commissions & Rewards

Completing each of the four daily commissions nets you a set amount of Primogems, and the Treasure Pack reward from the Adventurers’ Guild provides another set amount. Doing these should net you around 60 gems every day, so this gives you incentive to consistently log in on a daily basis.

Patch Drop Maintenance

There is pattern that a new patch drops every six weeks, and it usually comes with a lengthy maintenance period. Usually players cannot log into the game as the server is being updated, thus compensation is rewarded with 60 Primogems for every hour of downtime. That also comes with issue fixes, which usually comes with 300 Primogems as its own compensation.

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Most achievements let you know the status in completing the challenge, and reward you once it's done. Some of them have three tiers of rewards, escalating from 5 Primogems, to 10, and finally to 20. Pay attention to its progress if you want to include achievements into your plan in farming Primogems.

Bug Fixes


If a certain mechanic isn’t working as intended (for example, Zhongli’s Level 2 Constellation Bug back in the Dragonspine Patch), MiHoYo usually tends to announce that they will try to fix it by a certain date. When this happens, the announcement usually comes with compensation worth 100 Primogems. It’s not to say we should actively look out for bugs, but it’s a nice bonus from the development team when players point out something wrong.


Genshin Impact often provides different minigames outside of the game itself, and for the most part they also provide Primogems as you complete the tasks. The Liyue Harbor part-time job and the Slime Paradise browser games set good precedents in terms of Primogem rewards. Make sure you do them if one gets announced in the future.