Genshin Impact Players Notice Adorable Wriothesley Detail

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A screenshot of Wriothesley peeling a sticker from his gauntlet during his idle animation shared by Genshin Impact leaker, BlednayaLeaks.s
Credit: BlednayaLeaks

The Lord of the Fortress of Meropide, Wriothesley, has once again managed to capture the rapt attention of the Genshin Impact community. Fans are now uncovering an absolutely adorable detail in his character design. The endearing juxtaposition between this detail and the rugged stature of their stoic host is further fueling Wriothesley’s popularity within the community!

Fontaine has propelled Genshin Impact to even greater heights, not only ushering in a new era of underwater exploration but also introducing a new cast of captivating characters that players are only getting increasingly attached to.

Genshin Impact players find adorable Wriothesley detail "endearing"

In Wriothesley’s leaked idle animation, we catch a glimpse of the disgruntled prison warden of Fontaine, after releasing a long sigh, peeling off comical stickers from his boxing gloves.

There are a total of three stickers revealed as of now, one features an upcoming Fontaine character named Sigewinne, another depicts Wriothesley as a shark, and the third showcases an unknown Melusine, all of which seem hand-drawn, and are absolutely adorable.

An image that compiles all three stickers visible in Wriothesley's idle animation, shared by Genshin Impact leaker RomanF
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Credit: RomanF
All Wriothesley stickers

Genshin Impact fans are delighted with the direction Wriothesley’s character is taking, who is shaping up to be an “intimidating but a huge softie” figure.

The seamless animation in his idle has also garnered praise, with some fans admiring the meticulous attention to detail: “Ok but can we appreciate the animation of his hand struggling/scratching with his nail to unstick the thing, that's such a minor but awesome little detail!! Can't wait for him!”

An image that showcases all three sticker on Wriothesley's gauntlet during his Elemental Burst shared by Genshin Impact leaker, BlendayaLeaks
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Credit: BlednayaLeaks
All three stickers on Wriothesley's gauntlet during his Elemental Burst

It has also come to light that these stickers make an appearance during Wriothesley’s Elemental Burst, leaked by vivliz. As Wriothesley thrusts his gauntlet forward to unleash a powerful icy blast, there's a brief moment where the sticker becomes visible, adorably perched on top of his glove. Endearingly, the sticker on Wriothesley’s Burst changes every time he tries to take it off in his idle.

A nod to these stickers is also cleverly woven into the leaked description of Wriothesley's Burst ability. It humorously states, “There are some things that even the Duke of the Fortress of Meropide can do little about – for example, complicated paperwork, the trivialities of a supervisor, or even... Little kids pasting a whole host of cute but difficult-to-remove stickers on his boxing gloves.”

An image that showcases the "Sigewinne" sticker on Wriothesley's gauntlet during his Elemental Burst shared by Genshin Impact leaker, BlendayaLeaks
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Credit: BlednayaLeaks
"Sigewinne" sticker on Wriothesley's gauntlet during his Elemental Burst

The prime suspect for the sticker shenanigans, based on official trailers and leaks, appears to be none other than the Melusine Sigewinne. As revealed, Sigewinne serves as a nurse within the Fortress of Meropride, working side by side with Wriothesley. A prevailing theory among many Genshin Impact players suggests that, considering the multitude of scars littered across Wriothesley’s body, Sigewinne might be responsible for tending to his injuries and providing necessary patch-ups.

This isn't the first instance where HoYoverse plays off of the dynamics between their characters. Another example includes the amusing interaction between Alhaitham and Kaveh's idle animations, wherein Alhaitham accidentally takes both keys to their house, leading to Kaveh's visible dismay.

A screenshot of Wriothesley and SIgewinne in the Genshin Impact Fontaine trailer "Overture Teaser: The Final Feast".
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Credit: HoYoverse

Fans are entertaining the idea of Sigewinne having an idle animation of her putting stickers on Wriothesley’s gauntlet. Undoubtedly, such interactions between characters are a significant driving force behind the sustained success of Genshin Impact.

Wriothesley stands as one of the most eagerly awaited additions to Genshin Impact's playable character lineup, sharing the spotlight with Fontaine's Chief Justice, Neuvillette. Both of these characters are poised to make their debut in the upcoming Version 4.1. Barring any unprecedented delays, Version 4.1 will be released on 27 September 2023.

Interested in learning more about the "warden" of Fontaine? We've got you covered. Discover Wriothesley's full kit, and everything we know about his character in our Wriothesley guide here!

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