Genshin Impact pity system: Make sure you get Yae Miko

Genshin Impact has a built-in pity mechanic when using the game's Wish system. After a specific time, players can get the character they want.

We are not going to lie, you still need to roll wishes for a reasonable amount of time, but there is a moment when you have a 100% chance to get Yae Miko or any other character you are betting on.

Guaranteeing Your Chances

The pity system in Genshin Impact activates two times:

For every 10 wishes

  • When you do a 10 pull, it guarantees you get at least one 4 star weapon or character.
  • The pity system still applies for single pulls once you get a 4 star, the pity countdown restarts.

For every 90 wishes

Well, if you are in this article to know how to get your favorite 5-star character, this is the pity system you are interested in.

  • Even the most unlucky person is guaranteed to get a 5-star character before 90 wishes.
  • 90 wishes sound a lot but remember that is the worst-case scenario.
Chart with probabilities to pull a character in Genshin Impact
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DOING THE MATH: The wish with better chances to get your character in Genshin Impact is 76
  • Genshin Impact actually features a "soft pity" system that starts after 75 wishes.
  • As you can see in the chart, the wishes between 76th to 80th give you the best chances to get the 5-star character.
  • The recommendation is to start pulling individual wishes once you reach 74th.

Note: after receiving a 5-star character, the count of the pity system reset.

I know what you're thinking. How do I know how many wishes I have made? No problem, miHoYo keeps track of all your wishes. Players can check the record by hitting the History button in the banner section.

The 50/50 lottery

There is a catch; the pity system guarantees a 5-star character. However, it's not necessarily the character featured in the banner.

Let's use the upcoming banner, Everbloom Violet, that features Yae Miko as an example.

  • The pity system gives the certainty of getting a 5-star character after 89 wishes, but only a 50% chance to get Miko.
  • Let's suppose your pity wish is 77th. Then the system will flip a coin to decide if you get Yae Miko or another 5-star character.

Heartbreaking, isn't it? Not really. There is hope.

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100% drop rate

We are continuing with Yae Miko's banner example.

  • The 50/50 happens only once every two pity wishes. So then, the system changes the probabilities to get the feature character.
  • The first pity 5-star in any banner is a coin flip, 50/50 chances. But the next pity wish is 100% guaranteed, Yae Miko.
  • How to make sure you get Yae Miko? have enough Prymogens to pull two 5-star characters or weapons.
  • If you got a 5-star character that was not featured, stop wishing. There are cases you get characters 20-30 into t a new pity system.

Essential things to keep in mind.

  • Wishes from one Banner to another, carry on. For example, if you wish:
    • 30 times in Itto's banner in Ver. 2.3
    • 30 times in Ganyu's banner in Ver. 2.4
    • The pity will trigger less than 29 wishes in Yae Miko's banner.
  • 50/50 rules also carry on among banners. So, for example, if you pulled for Ganyu, but you get Qiqi instead; that means your next pull in Miko's banner is a 100% chance to get her.
  • Sadly, if you were lucky enough to get Ganyu in the current banner, then the 50/50 rule resets, and you will have to flip a coin to get Yae Miko.
Image of Baal the electro archon.
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Understanding Genshin Impact pity system can guaranteed you get Yae Miko this time around.
  • Every type of banner has its pity system. For example, wishes for weapon banner or permanent banner don't add up to the 89 wishes you need for a character event pity wish. The same goes for the 50/50 rule.
  • In the case of double reruns, they share the same pity.

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