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How does the Genshin Impact pity system work?

As is now the norm in most gacha games, Genshin Impact has an in-built pity system when using the games Wish system. The more you roll, the higher the chance in rolling for that elusive 5-star character or weapon.

This is in a way a filter to keep you from spending too much to obtain the featured rate-up, especially for those who have dedicated a lot of time farming Primogems to roll. Keep the following in mind when you decide to go all-in for one character.

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Percentages of Rarities

In any banner, the 4-star characters’ odds are at 5.1%, while the 5-star characters are harder to obtain with a 0.6% rate. For featured banners (like the Venti and Klee banners), when 5-star character appears on your wishes, there is a 50 % chance that it’s the one on rate-up.

On paper, getting the 5-star character in Genshin Impact is harder to do than pulling a character of the same rarity in Fate/Grand Order, a game infamous for its low percentages for its characters and no pity system.

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Guaranteeing Your Chances


The pity system activates when you do a 10-pull, or nine or more individual draws; it guarantees you a 4-star drop, and it can either be a character or a weapon. The 4-star character drop increases to 13%, while the 5-star chances increase to 1.3%.

This is where things get tricky. If you want to guarantee a 5-star appearance in your wish, you have to do at least 89 pulls in a row if you’re really unlucky.

When this happens on a rate-up banner, and the 5-star character or weapon is not the featured one, a second pity system activates.

Now, the next time you score a 5-star drop, it is guaranteed to be the one on rate-up.

Normally it would be hard to keep track of the number of rolls done, but luckily the game has previous wishes recorded for us to view to make easier for players to remember where they left off.

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Singles Versus Multis


This is a hotly contested topic, especially for players who can’t exactly splurge after saving up so much Primogems to roll when their favorite character arrives as the rate-up. With this sort of topic, to each their own in how Primogems are going to be used, but for efficiency’s sake Single pulls are much better because of the pity system.

If you manage to pull a 4-star or higher from a single wish (even better when it’s the featured rate-up), you can stop right then and there to save your resources.

On 10-pulls, you run the risk of overspending Primogems or Fates, and “wasting” pulls with 3-star weapons in the process if the rate-up appears early into the summon showcase.

It’s up to the player on how they decide to go with pulling on the Wish Banners, as it is still a game of chances in the end.

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