Genshin Impact Leaks Revealed characters from Fontaine

genshin impact fontaine

genshin impact fontaine

Recent leaks revealed images of new characters coming to Genshin Impact. The female figures are allegedly members of the Hydro Nation Fontaine.

The designs appear when there are still around eight months before the first update from Fontaine according to the 2023 schedule, so obviously, they are still a work in progress.

However, we can start to see a bit of the style of the inhabitants of the Land of Justice, the Hydro Nation. Here is everything we know about the filtered images.

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When is Fontaine arriving in Genshin Impact?

We are still halfway into the exploration of Sumeru, as there are still new regions and stories to be revealed in the Dendro Nation.

Image of Port Ormos in Genshin Impact
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Sumeru the fourth nation in Genshin Impact

However, we already know Fontaine is the next stop in the Traveler's Journey. If there are no changes in the Hoyoverse plans, Genshin Impact 4.0 will go live in August 2023.

New Genshin Impact Character Revealed

The filtered images show the concept design of 6 new female characters. Most pictures are pixelated, but we can see a few with great details.

According to data miners, there are two factions in Fontaine, the Light & The Wasteland.

People from the Light dress in exquisite attires with very elaborated accessories, while the Wasteland People have more of a Cyberpunk style.

From these images, we can only distinguish Lyney as a familiar face (the blonde girl with a bow tie and a magician hat). Hoyoverse introduced her during the first story teaser. The rest of the characters are new to us.


Naturally, with so many new characters leaked, we wonder if one of them is Focalors, the Hydro Archon.

Based on previous rumors, some of the community believe Focalors is the girl with the beaver hat and the blue and white dress.

Allegedly, the first image of Focalors a new character in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin Main
Allegedly, the first image of Focalors a new character in Genshin Impact

According to Lore, Focalors is not part of the Original Gods who fought during the Archon War but her successor. Other leakers mentioned Focalors might be a character with two personalities, a trait that will reflect during combat.

Geo Fontaine's Character?

Another character whose image is clear enough to recognize her outfit and other details wears a brown dress, similar to the colors from the Geo Element.

Woman with a brown attire from Genshin Impact Leaks
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Credit: Genshin Main
Genshin Impact leaks revealed a possible Geo Female Character

Since the arrival of Sumeru, we haven't received a new Geo Character, and the element seems forgotten mainly for the lack of interaction with Dendro.

But, the blonde girl with a brown dress is possibly the return of Characters with a Geo Vision.

Although the leaks show details similar to legit concept art from Genshin Impact, we recommend taking the information with a grain of salt, as things will most likely change in the following months.

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