Genshin Impact Kaveh Ascension Materials

Kaveh in Genshin Impact.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact.

In order to make the new Dendro Claymore user stronger, you will need to know all the Ascension Materials for Kaveh. This character has just been released and numerous Genshin Impact players don’t understand what items they need to have to ascend him.

So, today we will tell you about all the Ascension Materials you will need to upgrade your Kaveh. Also, we will explain to you how to get all these items.

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What ascension materials are required for Kaveh?

Kaveh in Genshin Impact.
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Kaveh is a new character and of course, you will have to prepare tons of Ascension Materials to level him up. Here is a table where you can see all these items:

Quelled Creepers
Mourning Flowers
Fungi Materials
x3 Fungal Spores
x1 Nagadus Emerald Silver
x15 Fungal Spores
x3 Nagadus Emerald Fragment
x12 Luminescent Pollen
x6 Nagadus Emerald Fragment
x18 Luminescent Pollen
x3 Nagadus Emerald Chunk
x12 Crystalline Cyst Dust
x6 Nagadus Emerald Chunk
x24 Crystalline Cyst Dust
x6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstones

How to get Quelled Creepers in Genshin Impact

Quelled Creepers are one of the Kaveh Ascension Materials, and you can get them by defeating Dendro Hypostasis. This boss is quite tough and is best fought with a group of characters with multiple elements.

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How to get Mourning Flowers in Genshin Impact

Mourning Flowers are Ascension Materials for Kaveh and they can be found in the Sumeru region. In order to find them, you will need to go to the Realm of Farakhkert. Also, you should collect Mourning Flowers every time they respawn, as you will have to prepare a decent amount of them.

Kaveh in Genshin Impact.
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How to get Fungi Materials in Genshin Impact

Some Kaveh Ascension Materials can be obtained from the enemies called Fungi. These are mushroom-like creatures that can be encountered in Sumeru. Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, and Crystalline Dust drop from Fungi if you defeat them.

How to get Nagadus Emerald Gemstones in Genshin Impact

Nagauds Emerald Gemstones are probably the most problematic Kaveh Ascension Materials. They can be obtained by defeating Dendro bosses. Also, you can get high-tier gems by merging lower tier emeralds. However, if you want to upgrade your Kaveh to level 80, then you will need to prepare a decent amount of Nagadus Emerald gems. Use the Dust of Azoth, which you can buy from Paimon’s shop, to turn gems of other elements into Dendro gems.

These are all the Ascension Materials you will need for your Kaveh, and we highly recommend that you collect them before this character arrives. So, you will be able to upgrade him immediately after pulling him out of the banner. Good luck and hopefully, you will get Kaveh in your collection!

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