Genshin Impact how to search the road for the missing sketch

The character in Genshin Impact.

The character in Genshin Impact.

One of the new quests in Genshin Impact requires you to know how to search the road for the missing sketch. It seems that this part of the task is quite problematic and many gamers don’t understand where they need to go.

But don’t worry, as today we will explain to you where you can find this sketch. So, you will be able to complete this part and continue to progress through the An Artist Adrift quest.

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How to search the road for the missing sketch in Genshin Impact

When you complete the first part of the An Artist Adrift quest, you will receive the second task, which will ask you to find the Missing Sketch. It is located in the same cave where you save Julien from hilichurls. In order to find the missing sketch in Genshin Impact, follow the next steps:

Julien in Genshin Impact.
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  • Finish your conversation with Julien and go to the tunnel with the brook.
  • Go along the left side of this brook. You will need to find a shiny spot near a huge ancient gear.
  • Interact with the shiny spot and continue going along the brook until you reach a fork.
  • The brook will go to the right, but you will have to choose the left passage.
  • Continue going through the cave until you see a secret tunnel on the left. As a landmark, you can use the Farrwick that floats in the middle of the passage.
  • Go through this passage and fight a group of hilichurls.
  • Investigate the shiny object that was guarded by these hilichurls.
  • Go left and look for a dog named Pepper.
  • Interact with Pepper and enter the cave behind it.
  • Pick up the sketch.
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This quest may be quite problematic, but with the help of this guide, you should be able to complete it. Good luck in your further search for the lost sketch!

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