Where to find Small Lamp Grass in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Small Lamp Grass is a harvestable flower found in the wild that emits a soft light during the night.

Small Lamp Grass is used in cooking and is also needed for several quests throughout the game.

It is also considered a Mondstadt Local Specialty and counts towards the 100 players need to collect to satisfy a Battle Pass quest.

Where to Harvest Small Lamp Grass in Genhsin Impact

Map of Small Lamp Grass Locations
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There are upwards to fifteen Small Lamp Grass near the Windwail Highland teleport point in Wolvendom.

This is a great place to start when harvesting Small Lamp Grass, and they can be found within the immediate vicinity of the teleport point.

Whispering Woods

Whispering Woods contains up to fifteen Small Lamp Grass. Teleport to the Starfell Lake Statue of the Seven and head south-west.

There are several clumps near both sides of the road about mid-way between Starfell Lake and the intersection to Mondstadt.

Galesong Hill

By teleporting to the temple on the Falcon, Coast players can head west to find around 10 Small Lamp Grass near the cliffs.

Follow the icons on the map above to see the location of each Small Lamp Grass cluster.

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The Thousand Winds Temple

Genshin Impact players can find around five Small Lamp Grass just south of the Thousand Winds Temple.

They are found just to the right of the road when heading into the temple.

Other Locations

Several other locations are marked on the map above where players can find Small Lamp Grass in Genshin Impact.

Players looking for a bit more can follow the icons to grab smaller batches of the flowers.

For those looking to harvest large amounts of Small Lamp Grass quickly, the above four locations provide the most in the shortest amount of time.

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