Genshin Impact 3.4 Web Event, Iridescence in Papers Guide - rewards & more

After a successful Lantern Rite celebration in Genshin Impact 3.4, Hoyoverse released a follow-up web event called Iridescence in Papers.

In Iridescence in Papers, we will recreate the concert with Yun Jin, Xinyan, and Hu Tao, by lighting up a paper-cut scenery.

During these tasks, we will receive a pretty exciting amount of rewards, so let's check how to participate and obtain Free Primogems and More.

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Duration Time & Requirements

The Iridecense in Papers web event will be available from January 29, 2023, to February 7, 2023. Unfortunately, rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. So make sure to claim them in time.


  • Players who reached Adventure Rank 10 or above can participate in this event.
  • The travelers need to head to the Iridescence in Papers Event Page and Log In with their Hoyoverse Account.

Genshin Impact - Iridescence in Papers Event Details

The celebration of the new Lunar Year in Genshin Impact was pretty eventful, having characters from Sumeru, Inazuma, and Mondstadt joining the festivities.

We even witness the first big gathering of Archons since the war and the cataclysm when Nahida meets Zhongli, Ei, and Venti to share drinks under the lights of Fireworks.

If you haven't played this year's Lantern Rite, we recommend doing it fast, as you are in for compelling storytelling.

During the last day of celebration, Liyue presented a concert featuring the rock star Xinyan, Opera singer Yun Jin and Hu Tao, who surprised everyone with her rap skills. Then, Iridescence in Papers recreates this moment with a straightforward mini-game.

How to Play?

Iridescence in Papers is divided into two sections: decorate the stage and create a paper collage of the concert performers. Therefore our first task is getting the materials.

Getting Papers in Iridescence in Papers event in Genshin Impact
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Obtain Paper to complete the missions.
  • Travelers will obtain paper by completing in-game challenges, like daily commissions or spending Resin.
    • 250 pieces of paper are needed to obtain all the rewards.
  • With the pieces of paper, players will cut and create collages based on scrolls with the image of the characters.
Character Scrolls in the new Genshin Impact Web Event
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Character Scrolls in the new Genshin Impact Web Event
  • When you complete the paper collage, you will receive a corresponding object. Place the corresponding object on the appropriate companion to light up the scroll.
  • Each time the scroll is lit, you will receive stage decorations from your companions. You can click the "Decorate" button on the home page and decorate the stage according to your preferences.

Event Rewards:

Unlock all the scrolls, complete the collage challenge, decorate the stage, and prepare for a show.

Travelers will obtain the following rewards in Genshin Impact Web Event, Iridescence in Papers:

Genshin Impact 3.4 Web Event Cover
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Rewards of the Genshin Impact Web Event - Iridescence in Papers
  • Hoyoverse will send the following rewards to your in-game email:
    • 120 Primogems
    • 100k Mora
    • 12 Hero's Wit
    • 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore

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