Genshin Impact 3.3 Windtrace COUNTDOWN - start time, event details & rewards

windtrace event in genshin impact promo image

windtrace event in genshin impact promo image

Windtrace, one of the most fun events in Genshin Impact, will be back very soon. For this event, travelers will join old-school Hide and Seek PvP Matches.

While we count down the hours for the Windtrace launch, here are some tips and tricks to dominate the art of disguise and hunt and earn some excellent rewards.

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Release Time

The rerun of Windtrace will go live on December 23, 2022, at 10 pm EST and run until January 6, 2022.

Windtrace Starting Time

Windtrace Table in Genshin Impact
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Ayaka in the Windtrace Table

Genshin Impact - Windtrace: Event Details

In the Windtrace Event, players will be divided into Hunters and Rebels. The Rebels must avoid Hunter's pursuit and hide till the time expires. On the other hand, Hunter's task is to capture all the Rebels within the stipulated time.

To participate, travelers need to reach Adventure Rank 20 or above. Make sure to invite your friends or join a discord server, as the game is entertaining among friends

How to Play Windtrace in Genshin Impact

To start playing, meet with NPC Gigax in Mondstadt, talk to him and approach the windtrace table. Players can select Co-Op party to create private rooms and play with friends or Select Co-Op Mode to start random Matchmaking.

It's important to note that only Random Matchmaking games will provide Windtrace Coins that can be exchanged for rewards in the Event Shop.

Windtrace Coins in Genshin Impact
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Windtrace Coins the Currency in Genshin Impact Hide & Seek event

On the first day of the event, the maximum number of Windtrace Coins you can obtain is 1,200. This amount will increase gradually for 6 days, up to 6,000 Windtrace Coins.

Windtrace Tips and Tricks

These are some of the best strategies and tips to increase your chances in Windtrace:

  • Hide in High Places with good vision trees or at the top of buildings to observe if the hunters are near.
  • Some small spaces behind houses or narrow walls are perfect hiding spots. Sayu and Dionna are ideal to fit in these small spaces.
  • Tall characters can reach and climb faster. Consider that when you choose your Hunter character.
  • Kaeya and Rosaria can help in a chase down. Kaeya reduces the consumption of Stamina while sprinting, and Rosaria is faster at night.
Mysterious Hunch Ability in Genshin Impact Windtrace
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Hunter will have special abilities to find the Rebels in Genshin Impact Windtrace
  • Do not spam your Capture Skill too soon or too often. They have a long cooldown, and you might need them during a close chase.
  • Stealing Favor from a Hunter can be a game-changer; however, this is a wise choice only if there are still more rebels in the game.
  • Hunters usually will try their skills at the beginning of the round. Try to find out if they pick Sensor Area or Mysterious Hunch.
    • If the Hunter uses Sensor Area, you can stay longer in the same place.
  • Transparency is more valuable than Lay Bait, although sending the Hunter to a remote position to find nothing is fun.
    • Use transparency during a Chase Down, change direction, and you might win the run.
  • Avoid unnecessary movements. Don't panic if the Hunter is near.
    • You do not know what their focus is at that moment.
    • If he passes without noticing, your hiding spot becomes much more potent.
  • Hunters have no problems with Stamina. Make sure to use yours wisely as a Rebel.


Throughout the Genshin Impact 3.4 Windtrace event, players will obtain the following rewards based on the amount of Windtrace Coins they collect:

  • 30 Primogems for each 300 Coins
    • Max 420 Primogems for 4200 Coins
  • 20000 Mora for each 300 Coins
    • Max 280,000 Mora for 4200
Rewards in Genshin Impact Windtrace
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Rewards for the upcoming Genshin Impact event: Windtrace
  • Players who obtain 4800 Windtrace Coins will receive the Name card Style: Celebration: Peekaboo!
  • Additionally, travelers will obtain
    • Weapon Materials
    • Hero's Wit
    • Talent Book Material
    • Mystical Ore

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