Genshin Impact 1.4 leaks: Is Venti making a comeback?

Genshin Impact has continuously tried to keep the beta testing minimal to avoid leaking the upcoming contents before release.

However, the effort seems to be wasted as the community always gets a sneak peek of the same via leakers and data miners.

Ahead of Genshin Impact's V1.4 patch, the upcoming events, characters, and banner predications are already out, thanks to the Twitter user Zluet.

Venti: The next promotional character in V1.4?

According to the leaks by Zluet, the earlier predictions about Klee's arrival in the 1.4 event banner might get delayed.

The reason being, the production team, can't keep up the pace to release content according to the CBT (Closed Beta Testing) timeline revealed earlier.

In that case, Venti, the first promotional 5-star character of Genshin Impact, is more likely to be a part of the upcoming character banner for the 2nd time alongside Rosaria.

The leaked Windblume Festival of Mondstadt is rumored to feature 2 new bows, Windblume Ode and Alley Hunter, which may suit the archer characterVenti's.

A leaked musical rhythm challenge tributing its Archon with the bard-like appearance also hints that Venti will be playing a crucial part in the events.

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Rosaria: The next 4-star promotional character in V1.4?

Unlike Venti, whose arrival information is fully based on speculations, Rosaria's arrival in Genshin Impact 1.4 Update is almost confirmed.

The number of leaks that have surfaced on the internet hint that Rosaria is almost out of Beta testing and ready to be part of the live version of Genshin Impact.

The famous 'leaker' of the Genshin Impact community "Lumie" has posted leaked clips showing Rosaria's elemental skill, burst, charged attacks, swimming, and diving animations in Action.

According to the data miners, these many leaks can only appear when the character is out of closed beta testing and prepared to release in the Global version of Genshin Impact.

All these leaks, rumors, and speculations combined conclude that only Venti and Rosaria will be Genshin Impact's pick for the next character banner. However, last-minute changes can take place in the event banners anytime.

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