What's Included in The Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle?

Brand collaborations have become a massive part of video games as live service titles have become more and more popular as time has gone on and the undisputed king of that is Fortnite with its latest crossover, the Marvel x Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle looking like one of the best yet.

This isn't the first time the wall-crawler has made his way into Epic Games' battle royale, with a version of the character based on Tom Holland's Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayal of the character being introduced as a tie-in for the Spider-Man No Way Home movie. Fortnite also once had the ability to web sling with Spider-Man's gloves as an item in the game but they've since been replaced with the new Grapple Gloves.

Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle.

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What is Included in the Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle?

While the bundle is not yet available in the item shop, reliable Fortnite news source @FN_Assist on Twitter has shared some images of the upcoming items ahead of their launch in the Item shop Thursday 16th June 2022 as reported by @ShiinaBR.

The Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle consists of four items in total. An outfit, an emote, back bling and a pickaxe. The outfit is, of course, the titular Spider-Man Zero costume as found in the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comic-book run. The more armoured Spider-Man look isn't a completely original take on the character but this design for the Outfit seems a lot more practical than most.

The Emote is something that should be familiar to all Fortnite fans with the iconic "Spidey Landing" making its way into the game, letting players recreate the character's most famous pose with an added backflip for flair as shown in this video from Fortnite news source iFireMonkey.

The back bling is a thin-legged mechanical spider with a matching colour scheme to the outfit and reflects the spider-emblem on the front of the costume but despite this, it doesn't quite match the overall costume like many of the other back bling items do for their relevant costume.

The final item is a pickaxe known as the "Web Slicer" a fire axe covered in spider webs that while not matching the outfit in any way, looks really unique and will likely be a popular purchase by players.

How to Get The Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle.

There are currently three separate methods for getting the Fortnite Spider-Man Zero Bundle according to the official blog post on the collaboration. The first method is to simply purchase the set from the item shop once the set is released on Thursday 16th June 2022. The second method is to buy physical copies of the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comics which will have a redeemable code inside for the outfit and other cosmetics.

The third and final way is to read the entire crossover series of five issues as a Marvel Unlimited subscriber, at which points codes would be sent to you for cosmetic items.

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