What Are the New Weapons in Fortnite Season 3?

A brand new season of Fortnite has finally landed and the developers over at Epic Games have introduced a brand new set of weapons for players to use while taking out their enemies on their way to the next victory royale.

While the new season did vault some fan favourite weapons from season 2, the three weapons introduced in season 3 so far are trying to fill that void with a nice variety of playstyle options.

New Weapons Introduced in Fortnite Season 3

In total, there are three different weapons introduced in the game, covering the three ranges of close quarters combat, medium range and long ranged combat. Below you can find the three weapons.

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Two-Shot Shotgun

The new weapon in Fortnite Season 3 called the Two-Shot Shotgun
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The new close-quarters combat weapon in Fortnite Season 3, the two-shot shotgun is slower than the divisive drum shotgun of Season 2 and faster than the much more sluggish Ranger shotgun. It's a powerful weapon that can be dangerous in the right hands.

Hammer Assault Rifle

The Hammer Assault Rifle from Fortnite season 3. One of the three new weapons that was introduced.
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The medium-ranged weapon for Season 3 is the Hammer Assault Rifle, the replacement for the popular MK-Seven Assault Rifle that was vaulted after dominating the meta in Season 2.


The long-ranged semi-automatic DMR assault rifle. A new weapon in Fortnite Season 3.
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The final new weapon added in Fortnite season 3 is perhaps the most interesting of them all. The DMR is the new long-range assault rifle in the game but it also acts as the replacement sniper rifle at the same time. The DMR is a mix of both types of weapon, being closer to a sniper in its viability as a weapon but using the more common assault rifle ammo.

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