Fortnite: Tfue sues FaZe Clan over violation of California Law

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An article was written by Ashley Cullins of the Holywood Reporter which reported to the public the details of Tfue's lawsuit against the worldwide organization FaZe Clan. 

Tfue notes, "he's missing out on those opportunities because of FaZe Clan's unlawful activity in connection with a deal he signed in April 2018 — and he only gets to keep 20 percent of the revenue from any branded videos that are published on Twitch, YouTube or social media and half of his revenue from touring and appearances." Alongside of that are claims that the LA based organization has "pressured him into underage drinking and illegal gambling."

The report also states that in September 2018, Turner and his team attempted to terminate his contract due to a breach of contract on FaZe's behalf, but were denied by the organization stating it still binds him to his contract which is rumored to be three years in length. 

The esports community has been in an upheaval about this news today, with FaZe Clan owner "Banks" making numerous tweets saying how untrue these allegations are and even appearing on Keemstar's YouTube show "Drama Alert". Later during the day, Banks comprised a tweet detailing that FaZe has only collected $60,000 from a $300,000 brand deal 

"OK LAST TWEET - To clarify Turners contract does outline splits in prizes, ad revenue, stuff like that. But again we've collected absolutely none of it with no plans to and that was very clear to him. We have collected a total of $60,000 from 300k in brand deals (20%). That's it" -@Banks
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Photo Credit: FaZe Cloak

Tfue's renown duo partner and captain Dennis "Cloak" Lepore tweeted his personal point of view of this situation. 

"Banks shouldn't be getting hate for anything and you're all braindead if you think he has anything to do with anything bad that has happened. Every thing that you see FaZe doing today is because of him. He has shown us nothing but love and appreciation as he does every player that has ever played for FaZe. Unfortunately we didn't see eye to eye with SOME management, lots of people wanted to make a lot right but their hands were tied, contract things that happened behind the scenes/situations that will not be brought to light not involving banks." -@Cloakzy

Cloak also confirms that he still apart of FaZe Clan as of now and will still be duoing with Tfue amid the lawsuit. 

FaZe Clan has also issued multiple statements throughout the day, most recently posting one which details that FaZe Clan and Turners legal team have been in talks to negotiate a new contract since his first attempt to escape the organization. 

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Photo Credit: FaZe Clan

The statement notes that FaZe has offered Tfue and his team multiple versions of a contract, some with lucrative signing bonuses but they have all been rejected. Tfue has yet to comment on the lawsuit since the initial report Monday morning. 

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