How to Play Fortnite: All the Different Ways to Play

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Epic Games' colourful and character-filled battle royale Fortnite has taken over the gaming world and with an estimated 350 million registered players, it's no wonder that it continues to be the game everyone talks about.

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Now available on pretty much any device you can think of, the ways to play Fortnite are seemingly endless but it can still be a little bit confusing for those looking to enjoy the game for themselves. Here are all the different ways to play Fortnite.


How to Play Fortnite: IOS & Android

A screenshot showing how to play Fortnite on an IOS device

Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room: IOS and Android devices. Fortnite was removed from both the app store and play store after Epic Games got into a legal dispute regarding the 30% cut of revenue from Fortnite's in-app purchases that Apple and Google take. It hasn't been allowed back in either store since

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That doesn't mean that mobile devices aren't an option for Fortnite players, however, as it is now playable again but not in the way you might expect as you can now play Fortnite through your phone via Xbox.

Cloud gaming has been a feature that Xbox has been pushing heavily this generation and getting Fortnite has arguably been its biggest move so far. To play Fortnite through Xbox, you're going to need a Microsoft/Xbox account and then head on over to their website.

A screenshot of the Xbox website where you can play Fortnite via Cloud Gaming.

Once you reach the website, make sure you're signed in to your account then click the "play for free" button and then click get ready to play on the next screen to start the process of putting the Xbox Cloud Gaming page on your home screen.

Sign in with your Xbox account and then pick Fortnite in the app and you're good to go. You're now able to continue to enjoy Fortnite on your IOS and Android device with either touch controls or a controller.

How to Play Fortnite: Xbox One & Series S|X

A screenshot of the Xbox Logo when loading up Fortnite

Since we just discussed Xbox's involvement in playing Fortnite on IOS and Android devices, it makes sense to cover them next.

Xbox provides the most versatility when it comes to playing Fortnite due to its push for cloud gaming as covered in the IOS and Android section but this versatility also extends to the consoles themselves.

A promotional image for Fortnite Chapter 3

The decision to have two variations of its flagship system generation in the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X means that players can now get the home console experience of Fortnite in whatever way suits them best.

To play Fortnite on your Xbox, simply head onto the Xbox store, find it and download it to your system or stream it and you're good to go.

How To Play Fortnite: PS4 & PS5

A promotional image showing both the Sony PS4 and PS5 consoles where you can play Fortnite

Perhaps the most simple way to play Fortnite goes to the PlayStation consoles PS4 and PS5. There aren't any different choices or the need to use a different service to play the game. Simply just load up your console, log in and find the title in the PS store to download.

How to Play Fortnite: Nintendo Switch

A promotional image showing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch

Much like the PS4/PS5 options for Fortnite, Nintendo Switch provides a very simple method when it comes to enjoying the game but also allows gamers to do it on the go and for a reasonable price if choosing to buy a Switch Lite.

Simply find Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch store and download it for free.

How to Play Fortnite: PC & Mac

A promotional image for the Epic Games Store showing Fortnite

For those wanting to play the world's biggest battle royale on their PC or Mac, the options available to them are perhaps the most interesting. At a glance, those options are very limited and, to an extent, they are but there is also enough versatility to have a way for everyone to enjoy the game.

The primary way to enjoy Fortnite on your PC or Mac is to download it on the Epic Games Store. This is the only way to enjoy a downloadable version of Fortnite as of writing and will likely only ever be that due to Fortnite being made and owned by Epic Games themselves.

A screenshot of Fortnite gameplay on PC

This means that you're very limited in ways to do so which can be a problem for PC or Mac gamers who don't like or want to use the Epic Games Store.

Despite this, there are other ways to enjoy the game, namely, cloud streaming. While downloads are restricted to just one option, cloud streaming provides two great alternatives for gamers who wish to enjoy Fortnite. We've already talked about Xbox's method of streaming which also works on both PC and Mac but Nvidia Geforce Now is also an option for players on both systems, allowing players to experience the performance of a high-quality PC without needing to buy one.