How to Increase your Fortnite FPS

If you're a gamer looking for every possible advantage in your battle royale, increasing your Fortnite FPS should be your highest priority.

Ensuring that your framerate is consistent, high or preferably both are a must in any competitive game and your Fortnite FPS is no different. A high framerate will give you the edge in your shooting, movement and building as you chase a victory royale.

Here is how you can increase your Fortnite FPS on PC and Consoles.

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How To Increase Your Fortnite FPS On Console.

Increase your Fortnite FPS on PS5
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Increasing your FPS on console is a simple process but one that's only really accessible to players on the next-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series S|X as both versions have a 120 FPS performance mode available for players.

To do this, you simply need to open your settings while playing Fortnite and look for the 120FPS Mode option available in the graphics menu. The next-gen versions of Fortnite run at 60FPS as a standard which is a good level for your Fortnite FPS to be at so a change may not even be necessary but the higher FPS is worth testing out.

How to Increase Your Fortnite FPS on PC

Fortnite FPS Increase for PC
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Increasing your Fortnite FPS on PC is a lot more complicated of a process than it is for console users. This is down to the fact that PCs are far more customizable than consoles with it being rare for any two PCs to be the exact same.

This means that PC users will have to experiment a lot to get the best possible FPS for them with a lot more options available. Getting the right settings to maximise your Fortnite FPS is a trial of patience, with test rounds between your settings being changed to see what improvements there are if any.

A good tip is to make your FPS visible by switching it on in the game's settings. This will give you a clear indicator of your framerate and any potential drops you're getting. The goals for Fortnite FPS levels are 30FPS at the bare minimum, with 60FPS as the standard you should be hitting and 120FPS+ being the ideal level to maximise the edge you have in each match.

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