How To Buy and Download Fortnite On The PS5

The PS5 has now released in most parts of the world.

In the leadup to the consoles release they have posted a flurry of blog posts in the last week.

Ranging from the Ultimate FAQ to the now updated setup guide.

These guides are fantastic for first time PlayStation owners, or returning gamers just wanting to know more about the PS5. 

One aspect that was touched on is the method you are going to take to purchase and download a game.

You will need to follow this method if you are looking to play Fortnite.

Here's how.


Sony has posted a blog post noting some of the basic principles for the PS5.

This post can be viewed here for better reference.

Below is the notes Sony makes regarding using the PlayStation Store: 

  • From the Games home
  • Select PlayStation Store.
  • Search for the game you would like to purchase and select the game card.
  • Select Buy > Confirm Purchase > Download.
  • You can find your purchases in Games home and the Game Library.
  • Select the game and choose Play.

This is where you are going to find Fortnite within the store.

As well, chances are it is going to be one of the featured titles!

This will come in handy for a lot of you, as the Digital Editon of the PS5 was sold out instantly. 

What is Fortnite? Beginner's Guide
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This edition of the console does not come with a disc drive, so you are only able to purchase games online.

The PlayStation Store offers some fantastic deals, including all of the launch titles for the PS5.

Let us know which one you are checking out this weekend.

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Next-Gen Features

For those who do not know, next-gen Fortnite has an ample out of features within.

Here are some of them:


Experience Fortnite on PlayStation like never before on PlayStation 5 with stunning 4K running at a smooth 60 FPS.


Experience a more dynamic and interactive world with grass and trees responding to explosions, enhanced fluid simulations for smoke and liquid (cooler-looking smoke and liquid effects), and all-new Storm and cloud effects.

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