Fortnite Winterfest 2022 - start date, time & rewards

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fortnite winterfest cabin in the snow

It's getting cold outside and this can mean only one thing for Fortnite players, Winterfest 2022 is on the way! In what is known as the season of giving, Epic will once again put on one of its biggest events to celebrate the festive season.

The format is quite similar each year so let's take a look at what we can expect from Winterfest 2022 and when we suspect it may begin!


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Winterfest 2022 Start Date & Time

We expect Winterfest 2022 to begin on or around Tuesday, 20 December and run for two weeks. While this isn't a guaranteed date, it is approximately two weeks after Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 begins and the first update of the season would be due.

image of the winterfest cozy cabin from 2021's event in Fortnite

It's entirely possible that Epic employees will be on their break at this time and Winterfest is instead brought forward a little to line up with this. Regardless, the event should last for two weeks and cover the Christmas period.

Winterfest Free Rewards & How to Earn

In line with last year's event, we believe the Cozy Cabin will return to Fortnite and become the base for Winterfest 2022 activities and rewards. There will be daily quests which can be completed to earn free rewards but also daily free rewards in the cabin too.


We'll see new and returning skins as well as a wide variety of items for in-game use. Visiting the Cozy Cabin each should give you the chance to open a present and receive a gift. These are fixed and certain presents will only unlock on specific days.

There should also be a range of daily quests as well as some overall event ones that offer good XP as well as some items to help you honour your participation in the event.