Fortnite Matrix Crossover: New Emote Bundle released ahead of new skins

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Matrix Resurrections is due in theatres later this week and the Fortnite collaboration crossover with The Matrix has officially started. We've not seen Keanu Reeve's Neo or Carrie-Ann Moss' Trinity yet, but the groundwork is being laid out. Here's the latest...

'Follow The White Rabbit' Emote Bundle released

Unusually, Epic Games has opted to separate the release of any Matrix skins in Fortnite from Matrix-inspired Emotes - the 'Follow The White Rabbit' Bundle has been added to the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time and features Neo's Bullet Time Emote and Trinity's Kick Emote - you can check them out in action below:

In addition to these, a wrap inspired by The Matrix series' iconic green coding has been added to the Bundle. You can purchase all the items for the following prices:

  • Follow The White Rabbit Bundle - 800 V Bucks
  • Neo's Bullet Time Emote - 300 V Bucks
  • Trinity's Kick Emote - 300 V Bucks
  • Ones and Zeroes Wrap - 500 V Bucks

Sentinel Glider Leaked

A glider from the upcoming Matrix collaboration has been leaked ahead of its official reveal. With the film releasing on 22 December, we're expecting the announcement any day now.

Matrix X Fortnite Officially Confirmed

While no additional details about the crossover have been revealed, we now know officially that it is coming soon.

Following the release of the 19.01 update, the Fortnite shop background has been updated with the iconic Matrix imagery. You can see it above.

That means it's only a matter of time until the skins and other content are released.

Fortnite x The Matrix Release Date

This crossover was initially discovered by a very reliable source and relayed to the Fortnite community by @HYPEX.

It's believed that we will see the skins released in the second half of December which will line up with the release of the movie. We're unsure of whether the skins will release at the same time or just after the movies' cinematic debut.

There is also a small chance that the skins could be made available before the release of the film to help hype things up. It's another in a very long list of star-studded crossovers with major brands.

Matrix Bundle

Once again, nothing has been made official yet regarding this bundle but it's expected that both Neo and Trinity will be coming to Fortnite.

If this crossover follows the traditional format, both skins and all cosmetics will be purchasable as individual items. You may also be able to buy a separate Neo and Trinity bundle as well as the all-in-one Matrix offering for a single discounted price.

This price should fall around the 2,500-2,800 V-Bucks mark whereas individual bundles or outfits will cost around 1,500 V-Bucks. We could also see either Neo or Trinity added to Fortnite as an NPC to offer a questline with more cosmetic rewards for completion.

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