Fortnite Season 8 COUNTDOWN - Battle Pass, Naruto, and more

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It's the final day of Fortnite Season 7 and we're experiencing an incredible buzz around the game as we look forward to the start of Season 8. We're counting down to the release by keeping you up to date with all the latest news and leaks.

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Season 7 saw an alien invasion hit the game, with alien ships and plenty of strange new challenges. Season 8 promises to take the series in a whole new direction. Here's what you should know coming up to its official release.


Latest - One final tease?

Donald Mustard has provided a two-layer tease that hints at what's to come during tonight's event and throughout Fortnite Season 8.

Donald Mustard Fortnite Season 8 Tease

He has updated his Twitter header to the above image and his location to 'Wait. This Reality is... unique'. We're not sure what it means yet but all will become clear come 21:00 BST tonight!

First Sky Fire Tease Revealed

We've had our first official tease for Operation Sky Fire and it comes in the form of a voice, warning us about Doctor Slone.


The voice appears to be Sunny and she's convinced that Slone is unprepared for the fight ahead. She also hints that something is aboard the mothership that even Slone is unaware of.

Server Outage expected after Sky Fire

The Operation Sky Fire event is set to bring some extended downtime, possibly lasting through to Tuesday, 14 September.

There is still no official confirmation of when Season 8 will start. It would be on the typical update day of Tuesday or could come one day earlier on Monday, 13 September.

Naruto 'Confirmed' for Season 8

It must be a cold day in hell because the Fortnite leakers got one wrong... kinda. Naruto was initially expected to be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass. This has now been debunked.


While it appears that the Naruto skin will arrive at some point next season, it won't be as part of the Battle Pass.

End of season event countdown begins

We officially have the name and date for the Fortnite end of Season 7 event. Operation Sky Fire will signal the end of the Alien Invasion and reveal all about what's to come for Season 8.

It goes down on Sunday, 12 September, the final day of the season. Fortnite Season 8 is due to begin two days later on Tuesday, 14 September.

Release Date

We don't have an official release date just yet but we have a pretty good guess. Fortnite season 7 is set to end on September 12th so we can expect the next season to arrive a day or two later.


For this reason, we're guessing season 8 will arrive on September 13th / 14th.

Battle Pass - Naruto coming to Fortnite?

An interesting rumour came out the other week, suggesting that Naruto would be making his way to Fortnite.

We don't know to what capacity he will be joining just yet. He could top off the battle pass or work as part of a tournament. We will update you here as soon as we know.

Ancient Egypt theming?

In a few recent leaks, it seems we may be getting some Egyptian theming for the next season with one leaker spotting a Mummy skin, Pyramids, Cubes and a crash site.


Perhaps the aliens could cause some damage to the world, causing adventurers to go back in time or for the entire universe to break up into something wholly unnatural.

This could mean brand new weapons, stories and skins for the future of the game. The possibilities are truly endless. Either way, we will just have to wait to see what Epic have next for us.