Fortnite Returns to In-Person Tournaments With the FNCS Invitational

Epic Games' popular Battle Royale Fortnite has announced that it will be returning to hosting in-person tournaments for the first time in over three years.

Announcing the FNCS Invitational 2022 via the Fortnite Competitive Twitter page, the tournament marks the first time Fortnite will host an in-person major since the Fortnite World Cup event in 2019. Here's what we know so far.

LATEST - FNCS Dates, Times and Format In-Game Now!

Announced today during the Epic Games Store showcase of Summer Game Fest, Fortnite's FNCS details including the dates, times and formats are now available to be viewed in-game.

More details are expected to come later this month but to check out the info for yourself, log onto Fortnite and head to the "compete" tab.

Fortnite Announces FNCS Invitational Tournament 2022.

Competitive Fortnite will make its return to in-person events across the days of November 12th and November 13th, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

A screenshot from the Reveal video for Fortnite's FNCS Invitational 2022.
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While the event is confirmed to be in-person, the official blog post on the announcement announced that it would be following any regional laws or recommendations very closely. This means that the event may be rescheduled or changed if necessary.

The event will consist of an invited selection of the top FNCS duos worldwide to compete in a single lobby event to win a share of the $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

One of the more interesting aspects of the announcement trailer is the prominent display of the building, suggesting that this tournament will not be played in the popular "no build" mode that Fortnite introduced earlier in the year.

While it's currently unconfirmed that the FNCS Invitational won't feature any "No Build" content, the suggestion of it being a single lobby event makes it seem like it won't feature at all. More info will be expected to arrive in the coming months which will hopefully confirm more.

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