Fortnite Leaks: Is there an Eminem Collaboration on The Way?

Fortnite in 2022 has been defined by its various crossovers with the likes of Marvel, DC, Star Wars and popular anime like Dragon Ball all getting their chance to shine in Epic's battle royale.

Now the world of crossovers is jumping back to the world of music as rumours of a potential crossover with Eminem are starting to crop up. Here is everything we know so far.
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LATEST - Eminem Radio Takeover Confirmed

Fortnite has officially acknowledged that Eminem has taken over the in-game radio for the time being via their Twitter account. This does, sadly, lessen the likelihood of a full crossover with the artist in some form though many are still hoping for some kind of skin.

Fortnite Could be Getting an Eminem Crossover

The rumours stem from the in-game Icon Radio found in Fortnite which mysteriously only started playing songs by Eminem instead of its usual mix of licensed tracks.

This was originally tweeted by Fortnite news account TheAgent Shadow before being confirmed by InTheShadeYT and other Fortnite insiders.

One of these insiders, the reliable HYPEX, posted the full list of Eminem tracks currently being played on repeat, with popular tracks like Godzilla, Venom, Not Afraid and Monster being included.

The radio suddenly exclusively playing songs from the real Slim Shady suggests that there is some kind of collaboration in the works between the artist and Fortnite but what that collaboration might actually be is up in the air.

The most likely scenario is an in-game Eminem concert, something that has been done multiple times across the years in Fortnite with artists like Travis Scott and Marshmello having done so in the past. This would likely be accompanied by an in-game outfit for Eminem made available in the Item Shop.

This will likely be the only outfit made available in the Fortnite Item Shop for Eminem, with styles often being reserved for skin-only collaborations on rare occasions.

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