Fortnite: Investigating the NICKMERCS to FaZe Clan debacle

The sudden signing shocked the esports community, but will the move pay off?

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Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is one of the world’s most recognizable gaming personalities, from his humble personality to his hot-headed outtakes. The Twitch superstar brings a level of enthusiasm that is unparallel to any other streamer and throughout NICKMERCS journey from Call of Duty, Gears of War and now Fortnite he has grown his community, titled MFAM, to one of the biggest on Twitch. 


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Nick’s decision to leave Los Angeles to move back home closer to his family in his hometown of Michigan raised some eyebrows at first. Still signed to esports team and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves who are based out of LA, many thought this was the end of “100T NICKMERCS”. Unsurprisingly, the rumors that have been active for months now were all confirmed when Nick made an official announcement on his Twitter the same day he made the move home. 

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Nick’s current subscriber count on Twitch was over 25,000 and considered one of the biggest streamers in the world, it was widely agreed upon that no organization could offer something to Nick that he could not obtain on his own. However, what happened in the coming days would shock the gaming world. 

FaZe Up?

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FaZe Clan is currently in a lawsuit with former professional Fortnite player and arguably the world’s biggest streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney, with claims of outlandish contract amongst other things. Including reports that the “youngest” player in FaZe Clan, Patrick “H1GHSKY1” is not actually the age FaZe has claimed he is to the community. H1GHSKY1 was announced as 13-year-old professional player and streamer which would make him the minimum age to both stream on and participate in the Fortnite World Cup Online Qualifiers. With rumors surfacing that is, in fact, §11 years of age things have been not going well for the renown esports team. 

With FaZe Clan already losing their biggest assent in Tfue, their next biggest personality would be his duo partner and Fortnite captain Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore. However, with recent rumors rising into the limelight that Cloakzy will also depart the LA-based org to launch a startup organization with Tfue, FaZe Clan was suddenly left without a one-two punch.

FaZe Clan signing Nick at first glance was a very surprising move, but when looked at from a few different perspectives it becomes more clear why both parties agreed to the move. 

Family First

NICKMERCS motto throughout his whole career has been family first when he was living in LA he frequently stated how much he missed his family and how California wasn’t quite the right fit for him. Similar to FaZe Clan, they also have humble beginnings and have stuck to those family style mottos that Nick is accustomed too. With FaZe Clan potentially set to lose another massive streamer and personality in Cloakzy, and Nick now organization less it comes full circle. Nick brings a tight-knit community that will mold into FaZe Clan’s audience perfectly, with the two. 

FaZe Clan gains a world-class personality while NICKMERCS finds a loyal home for his MFAM for the near future.

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