Counting Down to the Fortnite Gamora Cup

Music stars, cartoons, athletes, and superheroes have arrived to Fortnite island in the last months. The latest new excitement is the Gamora Cup.

The fierce Guardian of the Galaxy, Gamora has come upon the Fortnite franchise. Her skin will be part of a bundle, including Gamora’s Cloak Back Bling, Godslayer Pickaxe, and the Godslayer Glideboard.

Epic Games has decided to hold a Fortnite tournament in honor of this collaboration, and it's going to be an exciting one!

Start Time

The Fortnite Gamora Cup has no official start time. Thus far, Epic Games have only revealed that the 3-hour tournament structure will run on August 11th.

Once a start time is revealed, we'll update here.

Point Structure

On August 11th, you’ll have the opportunity to earn the Gamora Outfit and Gamora Cloak Back Bling. Single players or Duo will have 3 hours to earn as many points as they can in 10 games.

Image of Gamora in space receiving a distress signal
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GAMORA IS HERE: The Guardian of the Galaxy will help against alien invasion

The top performing teams in each region will receive the prize; however, anyone who earns at least 8 points will earn the Daughter of Thanos Spray. Each elimination will give you a point.

If you’ve competed in any Fortnite tournament, the format will look very familiar:

Victory Royale:

  • 1st: 42 Points
  • 2nd: 36 Points
  • 3rd: 32 Points
  • 4th: 30 Points
  • 5th: 29 Points


There are some simple requirements to register for the Gamora Cup, but this may keep some players back form participating.

  • Players must have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on their Epic account.
  • Your account level should be 30 or above. You can check your account level information on the Career tab in-game

For additional information, we recommend you to check the complete rules here.

Gamora and Star Lord together again

Fortnite Island has been under Alien Invasion (Chaper 2, Season 7), with even some parts of the island being abducted (Slurpy Swamp). Luckily, reinforcements are approaching.

After catching a distress signal, the fiercest woman in the galaxy, Gamora, is coming to help. But she is not alone, as a familiar face is joining the battle wither her. Star Lord.

Note that the new outfit and matching Back Bling for Gamora will be available for players to purchase in the Item Shop on August 14th, 8PM ET. The Star-Lord Set will also be returning at the same time, which hasn't been seen in the Item Shop for almost 2 years!

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