Fortnite Default Skins and Pickaxe Bundle: Release Date, Price, Skins, and More

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The new 14.50 Fortnite update has released all over the world.

The new update implements Jetpacks back into the game, and they have been worked on by Stark Industries.

As with any update, there was a flurry of leaks for players to check out.

One leak in particular has warranted a lot of attention from players.

Here is the news on the Default skins returning!


Originally posted by HYPEX, they have noted the original default skins from Chapter 1 are going to be appearing in the item shop soon!

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These skins are among players most beloved, and the new defaults do not have the same meaning to players as these used too.

These player models are still used as guidelines for some most of the new skins released in the item shop as well!

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Release Date

As of now, no leakers have been able to confirm the release date for the Default Skin bundle.

We can speculate it will release when players can obtain the Default Pickaxe, which has been confirmed for November 4th!

Be on the lookout for tomorrow's item shop!

Throwback Axe Fortnite
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No price has been set for the bundle yet.

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We can assume you will be able to purchase the male and female bundles separately, and will probably cost you around 1500-2000 Vbucks.


Through the images that were originally leaked by HYPEX, we can confirm as of now each bundle will come with four variants of the Default skin!

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