Fortnite Crash Pads Have Been Unvaulted

As we breeze past the halfway point of Fortnite Season 3, many previously vaulted items have been added back to the battle royale and the latest of these is Fortnite Crash Pads.

First introduced in the 12.30 update back in March 2020, the Fortnite Crash Pads are a battle royale item that let players fall from great heights easier without fall damage by simply deploying the crash pad, even if it wasn't the equipped item.

The item was later vaulted during the 15.00 patch in December of 2020, with Fortnite Crash Pads not being seen for nearly two years until now. Here's all you need to know about Fortnite Crash Pads.

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How Do The Fortnite Crash Pads Work?

Fortnite Crash Pads are a rare item that can be used by players to increase their mobility around the Fortnite map. They're a cross between a trap and a utility item, with players being able to use them without having them equipped, though it does take up a slot on the weapons inventory

The item itself is essentially a bouncer, being a large pad that launches players into the air with an anti-gravity effect to ensure that they land safely. The item can be deployed while pressing space in the air with the deployed Fortnite crash pads staying in the same spot, deflating after a period of time.

Fortnite crash pads will deflate naturally over time but will fully deflate when hit by a weapon, landing on something it can't land on or being too close to another deployed crash pad.

How to Find Fortnite Crash Pads

According to leaker and news source HypeX on their Twitter, the Fortnite Crash Pads can be found across the Fortnite map as floor loot while also being available in chests and in supply drops.

This is the same in both the standard and no-build modes of Fortnite but as of writing these items will not be available in the competitive mode. This is likely to keep the playing field more level as rapid changes in elevation from items like a crash pad could cause some framerate problems for some players, giving those with more powerful systems the edge.

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