Fortnite Is About to Celebrate 5 Years of Battle Royale Dominance

Fortntie five year anniversary

Fortntie five year anniversary

Fortnite already has a legacy in gaming that is untouchable. The accomplishments that Epic has managed since they switched up the primary focus of the game is astronomical.

Where others have tried and failed, Fortnite has continued to power on and dominate as a pop culture phenomenon for close to five years now.

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You Know The Name

It's undeniable that you can say the word Fortnite to almost anyone, and they'll know what you're on about. Whether it's a clip of the game that comes to mind or a news story they read, the name just carries that weight of notoriety now.

Within the gaming community, Fortnite was, for the longest time, ridiculed for its approach to Battle Royale gameplay. Even today, its building mechanics is the source of many memes but that doesn't stop people from playing.

For one reason or another, Fortnite finds a way to grip everyone at some point. Whether it's the removal of building mechanics, adding a hugely popular character skin to the game or even just its ability to produce captivating storytelling and the odd celebrity appearance (The Rock, anyone?).

I'm sure Epic has no issue with whether or not what you've heard about Fortnite is positive, negative or neutral. What they care about is that when you hear the name, you know what's being talked about.

fortnite spider man crossover for chapter 3
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Try explaining this is where Fortnite would be to players five years ago

Five Years Of Dominance

If you look at the gaming landscape five years ago, it's a remarkably different place from where we are now. First and foremost, Battle Royale, as a genre, hadn't taken off yet.

PUBG and H1Z1 were the budding titles looking to master this new mechanic but Fortnite came along and made it look easy. PUBG still today feels like a relic of the past in comparison.

fortnite and dragon ball z collaboration
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Fortneti has seen no end of popular collaborations

Warzone was released, tanked and a whole new version has been developed in the time since Fortnite was released. Countless clones have tried and failed to take even just a small percentage of the market share away from the Epic powerhouse.

This doesn't mean that Fortnite isn't without its problems, but in retrospect, they're so minor and petty that all it typically takes is a quick update to fix. Not everyone in the community is going to love every single season, but the sheer number of players who leave and eventually return must be outrageous.

I myself started playing properly only during Chapter 2, Season 6 before stepping away for Chapter 3, Season 2 and returning again towards the end of Season 3.

fortnite crossover with the NFL
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In this time so much had changed. The story progressed, the map changed, weapons changed, new skins and mechanics were added and it really didn't take more than one or two matches to adjust to everything.

It's this ease of accessibility that will see Fortnite continue to dominate the Battle Royale genre through thick and thin. Long may it continue.

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