Fortnite Boba Fett Skin Bundle: Release Date, Price, Emotes, & Accessories

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Fortnite has finally offered us our first look at the new Book of Boba Fett skin bundle that's coming to Fortnite's Item Store later this week.

We have known about the release date for quite some time now - but at long last, we're getting a look at the skins themselves. Here's the latest...

UPDATE - Everything we know about Boba Fett now

Following a slight leak, which revealed that the title of the Boba Fett skin bundle announcement post would be the following - " Every Galaxy has an Underworld - Boba Fett Navigates his way into Fortnite" - the bundle has been fully revealed by Epic Games.

Release Date

The new Fortnite Boba Fett skin will arrive in-game at 19:00 EST / 16:00 PST on Friday, December 24th. For European players, the skin will arrive at 00:00 GMT / 01:00 CET on Saturday, 25 December.

While it'll be a long wait, the new content will certainly be worthwhile - and is a crossover from the new Book of Boba Fett show on Disney Plus.

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While Epic has revealed the Boba Fett skin release date for Fortnite, we still have no concrete information on price.

It's very possible that the skin will be a free reward in-game or a store pickup at regular skin prices. Time will tell which route Epic will choose to go with the fan-favorite assassin, and come launch day, expect to see plenty of him.

Disney Plus Day

Disney Plus Day previously had some big rewards in Fortnite last year, including a promotion where players could get two free months of Disney Plus by purchasing anything from the in-game store.

This year it seems there are no Fortnite Disney Plus Day deals or events going on - but the newly announced Boba Fett skin is sure to bring in new subscribers to see the Book of Boba Fett show in action!

If Epic reveals any new rewards or events for Disney Plus Day in Fortnite, we'll have all the latest information below.

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