Arena Box Fighting has arrived in Fortnite

Box Fighting is an important part of the Fortnite meta at the moment and now the Arena Box Fighting playlist is live!

This has led to an increased popularity in box fighting modes in the games' Creative mode.

Now it looks like Epic Games has taken notice and is implementing box fighting into competitive as its own mode.

LATEST - Box Fighting Arena Is Live Now

If you're looking to dive into Fortnite's Competitive scene, now might be a good time to do it!

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This limited-time playlist is available right now and will be here for at least two weeks! As it stands, the Hype you earn in this Arena won't count towards any tournament requirements.

If it's popular, who knows? It might even find a spot somewhere more permanently. Epic Games are always listening to their players, for better or for worse.

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Arena Box Fighting Announced

In a blog post, Epic Games announced the new mode and what to expect from it.

"It’s your time to shine! In an effort to provide new competitive experiences for Arena players, we’re testing something new with Box Fights. Starting March 23, we’re kicking off a two week test run of the community-favorite Creative game mode as a new means of earning Hype. Learn piece control, corner peeks and tracking through builds as you faceoff against players of similar Hype points.
Take note: Hype earned in this test will not affect normal Arena Hype points accrued in our core Arena offerings and will be tracked separately. This means that Hype accrued in the Arena test will not qualify you for tournaments that require a certain Arena rank.
This test will only be available for a limited time. We’ll see what works well and what doesn’t. Jump in, fight it out, and let us know what you think of the new Arena mode!"

Points Won't Count Towards Tournament Requirements

Epic stated that the Hype gained through the trial wouldn't count towards a player's regular Hype points, meaning they can't be used to qualify for tournaments such as Cash Cups and FNCS.

However, it does seem like if the mode becomes permanent then they will count towards a player's total Arena points.

With a large emphasis on box fighting in competitive, it is very likely that this mode will become permanent and also be a key mode for competitive players to use in order to improve their skills.

Arena Point Reset

On Tuesday, March 23rd everyone's Arena points will reset.

Normally this is done at the start of the season but for some reason, Epic Games implemented a pre-season, which saw them carry over into the first week of Season 6.

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