Everything you need to know about the Fortnite 16.40 update

The fourth major Fortnite Season 6 update is here. The 16.40 will see new weapons, skins, locations, LTMs, and more come to the game.

Here is everything you need to know

Patch Notes

Epic Games have begun giving us mini patch notes via social media, check them out below.

File Size

Here is the file sizes for each platform.

Here is the size of the 16.40 update on all plaforms.

  • PS5 - 2.091 GB
  • PS4 - 3.2 GB
  • Xbox - 2.5 GB
  • Switch - 2.4 GB
  • PC - 1.37 GB
  • Mobile - TBA

New Skins

Check out all of the new skins that have been added in the 16.40 update.

New Locker Bundles

Some new creators will be receiving their own locker bundles soon, including former FNCS champion Reverse2K, as well as Typical Gamer.


A new POI just douth of Flush Factory has appeared.

Stone Viper Pack

A new pack called the Stone Viper Pack has been leaked.

Beast Boy

It has been revealed that DC's Beast Boy will be coming to the game, along with a Teen Titans Cup to unlock the skin early.

Next-Gen Starter Pack

A new Starter Pack has been leaked, which will include the Eclipse Ruby skin.

It is titled the Next Gen Starter Pack which indicates it will only be available to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S owners, but this has yet to be confirmed by Epic Games.


Batman and Harley Quinn have received new skins as part of the Batman X Fortnite Zero Point comic book series, now Catwoman is set to get a new skin too.

It is likely she will be an Item Shop skin rather than tied to the comics as we already know what the rewards will be for players that purchase the comics.

Vaulted Weapons

The Exotic Dub Shotguns will be vaulted in the 16.40 update.

Golden Lara Croft

Golden Lara Craft can now be unlocked by using her to go to the female Oro's island that is located south of Flush Factory.

When you're there, defeat the female Oro to get her Assault Rifle and the style will unlock.

New Weapons

Two new weapons will be coming to the game with the 16.40 update.

The first is the Mythic Spire's Primal Assault Rifle, the second is an Exotic Six Shooter Pistol.

Crew Pack Bonus

Crew Pack subscribers will receive a new loading screen as a bonus.

Check it out below.

Daybreak LTM

A new LTM called Daybreak will be coming to the game soon, which will allow players to unlock a new Umbrella glider.

Impossible Escape

A new LTM will be coming to the game called Impossible Escape.

This will be playable as both a PVE and PVP mode.

Choppa's Returning?

It looks like the Choppa's could be returning to the game soon as they will be able to be modded like cars can.

Currently, cars can be modded with larger tires to make them better at traversing across grass.

There has been no leaks as to what the mods will be for Choppa's, just that mods have been enabled for them.

Could we see them return in Season 7?

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