Fortnite 15.50 Update: Everything we know

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Downtime has begun for the 15.50 update in Fortnite! Here's everything we know...

LATEST - Egg Launcher Returning

A batch of new weapons and items have been leaked ahead of the Fortnite 15.50 Update downtime ending and there are a few interesting things among them.

Below you can see the full list:

  • Jelly Fish
  • Rift Fish
  • New Egg Launcher ( Added to Files )
  • Flight Knock Pistol

Many are speculating that the Knock Pistol will be added for LazarBeam's Tournament and the Egg Launcher will appear closer to Easter.

Zero Point In-Game

New screenshots have been revealed that show the current state of the Zero Point in-game.

It definitely feels like something is about to happen and there's going to be a lot of fallout from it.

Next Portal Location Revealed

It seems like the crossovers aren't quite over just yet as HYPEX is reporting that there's another portal to be found in-game after the Fortnite 15.50 Update.

This "SmallFry" portal will be appearing next to Hunter's Heaven and could be the one where we see Peter Griffin added to the game.

We know this is a huge stretch, but that's what a lot of the Fortnite Community think...

Some people also think it could be talking about someone like Ant-Man, although there's as much information to support this as there is Peter Griffin.

No Pump, Rapid Fire SMG Instead

The next weapon to be unvaulted has been revealed!

According to ShiinaBR, the Rapid Fire SMG is now in-game and is taking the place of the Hand Cannon.

Encrypted Set Found, Could Be Batman?

Known leaker ShiinaBR has, amongst other things, found an Encrypted Set in the latest Fortnite 15.50 update patch.

It is reportedly code-named "TolerantFortune" and could mean any number of things.

A lot of players are running with the "T" and "F" initials to suggest things like Transformers and Team Fortress, however, we think this is a little too much of a stretch...

However, it isn't outside the realms of possibility.

We think, though, that it could be Batman.

After the announcement that there is a comic-book collaboration on the way, adding the DC hero back to the game in some form wouldn't be the most outrageous thing to finish off the season of crossovers.

Fortnite 15.50 Update Batman Skin Pack
expand image
BATMAN - What Batman appearance would you like to see next?

Not to mention, Batman is a tolerant hero and he has a fortune...

Large Islands Are Coming To Fortnite

In a recent update from Epic Games, the Fortnite developers have confirmed that Large Islands are coming to Creative in the 15.50 update.

These islands are 155X155 tiles or about 25% larger than the previous Island. This will open up even greater possibilities within your Creative games. If you've had a Creative idea that needs just a bit more room to make happen, now's your chance to think big!

Creative Hub Localisation is also on the way which should help your work reach as many other players as possible!

There's also a few bug fixes listed, however nothing that relates to the standard Fortnite Battle Royale modes.

A Desert Island?!

Images shared by InTheShadeYT suggest that a new Creative Island is on the way and it's... A little barren?

Could this new Desert Island Creative location be a signal on what's to come to the main Fortnite Map? Or, is it just a nice new locale to battle your friends in?

This could be the "Large Grid" map that everyone is talking about, too...

YEETING Is A Thing Now?

Kill strings are often an important insight into new weapons and gameplay features so leaking them can be huge.

However, we're not sure what to make of this from iFireMonkey...

If the above is true, then could we be getting some form of "pulse" weapon returning to the Battle Royale game? Or, would this be a reference to some attack that allows players to physically yeet each other?

Only time will tell...

Is A New PS Plus Pack Coming?

Known leaker, InTheShadeYT, seems to think there will be a new PS Plus Pack coming to the PS Store soon.

This is mainly due to the fact that they have uncovered an exclusive new Banner Icon, which you can see below:

Most of the time, they also come as a part of a basic cosmetic pack although there is currently no word on what else could be included in this pack.

Some People Aren't Going To Make It

Although we don't know for sure, HYPEX has suggested that there are also sounds that relate to NPC's destabilising and dying.

Although we think Jonesy is safe, does this mean Epic Games are about to kill off some of our favourite characters from across the Multiverse?

This string that iFireMonkey uncovered could signal a sudden destabilisation from the current Fortnite universe...?

The Multiverse Is Crumbling

As we approach Season 6, it seems as though Jonesy's ventures into the Multiverse aren't without their risks.

A new set of sounds would suggest that something is going to happen to the Zero Point Portals that have been popping up around Fortnite's Island.

If there's anything we know about messing with the Multiverse and inter-dimensional travel, it's that there's always an explosive ending...

Week 14 & 15 Challenges Leak

Notable leaker iFireMonkey has continued to share what they have found data-mining the Fortnite 15.50 update and two sets of Quest Bundles have now been shared.

These hint at both the Epic and Legendary Quests that are coming to Fortnite in Week 14 and 15.

There isn't anything that seems too out of the ordinary among them, however, finding the Cookbooks could be a little difficult and the "Drive from A to B" challenges are circle-dependant.

In Week 15, the Legendary Quests are all about duelling allegedly. Then, looking to the Epic Quests we see a little more of a standard array of objectives.

Female Midas & Challenges

You may have spotted the "Marigold" skin is being added to the Fortnite Item Shop in the 15.50 update.

Well, it turns out that this is actually a "Female Midas" skin and we've got a new look at the challenges that you'll need to do to unlock the cosmetic alteration.

It isn't very specific, but it should help give you a gauge on what to expect.

Below, we also have a look at the Female Midas bundle and what to expect courtesy of HYPEX and Kitsu!

Fortnite 15.50 Update Female Midas Marigold Skin Bundle
expand image
GOLD! - MariGOLD is the Female Midas skin we were all waiting for

New LTM Leaked

Information about two new LTM has been uncovered ahead of the 15.50 update going live.

Bodyguard will pick one player in your squad to be the VIP and it makes protecting them the objective. You can check out a run-down below:

In addition to this, the Classic Loot LTM is coming to Fortnite which promises to add Classic Battle Royale Loot to the "new island".

Could this really mean the Pump Shotgun is finally coming back?

New Loading Screen

The discovery of a new loading screen during the Fortnite 15.50 update downtime has hinted at another catastrophic event but does little to explain it.

You can check it out in the Tweet below from prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX:

What is interesting though is the fact that all the meteoric flames appear to be coming from the Battle Bus itself in the top right of the image.

That and the fact that the skins that are shown are all pretty old appearances in the grand scheme of things.

New Skins

Data Miners are starting to find a few things in the downtime for the 15.50 Update in Fortnite.

Particularly, one thing they have found is a new batch of cosmetic items that's due to arrive in the store post-update.

The image in the Tweet below showcases a few new skins, Pick Axes, Back Blings, and more!

Alongside LazarBeam's Icon Skin, there are a few other skins that raise a few eyebrows.

Haze appears demonic while Centurion and Cyprus Nell both give off post-apocalyptic vibes. What's going on at the end of Season 5...

Weapon Vaulting

The Hand Cannon is returning to Fortnite's weapon vault after a short stint out in the world.

Epic Games have also teased that another item is returning to the game from the vault, but haven't specified this yet.

A lot of people are speculating that the infamous Pump Shotgun could finally make a return but no one knows just yet!

In addition to this, a new Island Size is being added to Creative and Epic Games are introducing localized Featured Creative Hub support.

Downtime Starts

Like clockwork, at 09:00 GMT on a Tuesday, the next Fortnite update has begun and the servers have gone dark.

You can see the announcement in the Tweet below:

Typically, Fortnite Server Downtime lasts for an hour or two but it could go on for as long as Epic Games need it too in theory.

They never put an End Time on these things and there's always a little bit of suspense about how long it could take.

Original Article

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is one month from ending, bringing us closer to the start of Season 6.

But, there's still time for a couple of more updates before then.

Here is everything you need to know about the 15.50 update.

Release Date

Prominent leaker Shiina has confirmed that the 15.50 update is being tested on the staging servers.

These are private servers that Epic Games uses to play the game to make sure the build is working before it is rolled out to the public.

This means that the 15.50 update should arrive between March 2nd-4th, but likely on March 2nd as Tuesday has consistently been update day recently.

Patch Notes

Back in the good old days, Epic Games used to release full patch notes for every update, detailing every little change in the game.

Now, it appears that it is too much work for a multi-billion dollar company.

So instead, they release updates and let the community work them out for free, although I guess that's one way to save money.

The night before a new update supported creators do get a brief set of patch notes with hints at what to expect, but it is still up to the community to figure out exactly what has been changed or added.

Leaked Skins

With each new update comes new skins that will be released in the Item Shop over the coming weeks.

Usually, some of these end up not being released and hang around the in-game files for a while.

Fortnite Brilliant Bomber Leaked Skin
expand image
UNKNOWN: Will we ever see Brilliant Bomber released?

Recently, most of what has been leaked has ended up on sale within that update period.

We can expect to see more skins when the new update is released later this week.

Leaked Weapons

Throughout Chapter 2 Season 5 we have seen a variety of new Exotic weapons come to the game.

These are older weapons, such as Dual Pistols or Heavy Sniper Rifle, but with a fun twist.

The Dual Pistols add the Hop Rock effect, the Heavy Sniper fires explosives, as well as many other effects added to these Exotics.

There are still a handful of Exotic weapons that have been leaked but not added.

These include a Burst Assault Rife that adds ice blocks to the users' feet.

A minigun that fires explosives, an electric gun, and a pistol that fires gnomes.

It is unclear whether any of these are still coming to game or whether they've been scrapped.

Map Changes

Each season we see huge map changes, Season 4 brought us Marvel-themed POIs, and Season 5 brought us a large sand area in the centre of the map as well as the return of some Chapter 1 POIs.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Promo
expand image

Since the start of the season, we have only seen minor changes to the map, so it is possible we will some more small changes before the end of Season 5, but any large changes will likely be held back until the start of Season 6.

Week 13 Challenges

Every Thursday we see new challenges added to the game, giving players the opportunity to earn XP to complete the Battle Pass.

Check out the Week 13 challenges below.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Epic Quests
expand image

Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Legendary Quests
expand image


Season 5's FNCS tournament is in full swing now, with week 3 taking place this weekend.

Fortnite FNCS Season 5 Promo
expand image

Each Friday-Sunday, the top teams in the world will compete to earn their place in the Grand Finals on March 12th-14th.

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