Can you get Football Manager 2023 for free?

Whilst it may only feel like Football Manager 2022 has just arrived, you can be certain that Football Manager 2023 is just around the corner.

With that in mind, we want to take a look at whether you will be able to get Football Manager 2023 for free.

FM23 For Free?

We're sorry to burst your bubble, but Football Manager 2023 will not be available for free at launch.

Midway through Football Manager 2023's run - similar to what we've seen in previous years - there will likely be a period in which fans access the game on Steam for free for a short period of time.

However, we are once again expecting Football Manager 2023 to arrive at a price point of £39.99 / $54.99.

FM23 Price

Whilst there is no official price point announced for Football Manager 2023, we are expecting the new release to remain at the same level of FM22.

FM22 cost £39.99 / $54.99 from the Epic Games or Steam stores, with 10% off for those who pre-purchase (taking it to £36.00 / $49.50).

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BETTER THAN EVER - Football Manager 2023 will launch across multiple platforms

We expect that to be the same price for Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

We expect the Mobile version to cost £8.99 / $8.99.

FM23 Release Date

Whilst there is no current confirmed release date for Football Manager 2023, we are expecting the game to launch at a similar time to FM22.

Football Manager 2022 released on 8 November 2021, and we are expecting FM23 to follow in these footsteps with an early-November release date.

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