Football Manager 2024 is coming to Netflix!?!

FM24 brighton

FM24 brighton

The streaming wars seem to be going well for Netflix, and now they are making a move for Football Manager players too.

The freshly announced Football Manager 2024 has players around the world excited. But there are plenty of players that prefer to do their managing on the go. Thanks to this new partnership though, it will be harder for players to enjoy FM on the way to work!

Football Manager 2024 x Netflix

Football Manager 2024 Mobile, the streamlined version of the full game, is set to launch exclusively through Netflix Games this year. Wait? Exclusively? Yea you heard that right.

Existing Netflix members will be able to find FM24 Mobile within the Netflix mobile app from 6 November, when the game releases globally.

However, if you just want to install the game from the App Store or Google Play like before, you will need a Netflix account to login and begin your on-the-go managerial journey.

FM24 mobile x Netflix
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This change is a big step, as for some it will mean getting FM24 Mobile for free, but for others it takes the cost of the game from a one-off £9.99 purchase to a monthly subscription.

This is a huge change, and one that feels set to hurt FM players from poorer countries where the full release price was too much but FM Mobile was just right.

Quite why SI has taken this step is unclear. One imagines they are getting a hefty price for their game from Netflix, but it adds an extra step for players and could end up being a controversial change for the wider FM community.

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