Football Manager 2023 New Features: Five NEW additions we're hoping to see in this year's game

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Football Manager 2023 promises to take the franchise to the next level, with new features and additions once again taking FM's levels of immersion to new heights.

With that being said, we want to take a look at five additions that we feel would massively benefit the game, whilst continuing the amazing work that has been done in the franchise so far.

Women's Football

Women's football is confirmed to be arriving in Football Manager, we just don't know when.

Football Manager 2023 was mooted as a potential point of arrival for the women's game, but we'll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition.

With the women's game growing year on year, we feel that now the time is right to bring the Women's game into the world's most popular management simulator.

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GAME CHANGER - Women's football will arrive in the coming years

Integrating women's football into the database will take some time, with discussions with women's leagues around the world commencing.

Check out our interview with two of the team at Football Manager here.

Revamped Transfers

Whilst there isn't anything inherently wrong with the transfer systems in place in FM22, we do think improvements could be made in order to level the playing field.

For instance, opposition clubs are prone to offering way below a player's value, which can then see a player's head turned.

Switch that scenario the other way round and the result is often never the same.

In Football Manager 2023, we'd like to see a more even transfer process with similar outcomes each time.

Put it this way, we just don't want to have to keep paying £100 million for half-decent players.

Faster Pace

By its nature, Football Manager is a more methodical and deeply layered football game.

Whilst that will naturally slow down your experience, there are times in which we will be spending close to a minute simulating a non-matchday.

This will of course depend on your game settings, but we think this process could be sped up in order for the simulator to move at a faster pace.

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TICK TOCK - Football Manager 2023 could benefit from a faster pace

With such a vast database and so many components, we think a better balance could be struck in Football Manager 2023 when it comes to moving through the calendar.

Gameplay Enhancements

Football Manager 2022's gameplay took things to the next level, and there's no doubt that FM is a franchise that is getting better every year.

We spoke to the development team last year about their plans moving forward, and we simply can't wait to see what enhancements are set to be made in Football Manager 2023.

Additional animations, refined player movements and a more aesthetically pleasing 3D view could take FM23 to the next level.

Either way, we're certain that Football Manager 2023's matchday experience will be better than ever.

Deeper Conversations

Something that was built on last year that has left us wanting even more is interactions with players, staff and the media.

Giving us more options to compromise with unhappy players, or giving us the opportunity to sneakily chat to a transfer target could be a neat way of adding an extra level of excitement to Football Manager 2023.

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MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - FM22's brand new system allowed you to develop deeper understanding of your team's morale

All actions have consequences and FM has never shied away from forcing that point.

What would you like to see in Football Manager 2023? Let us know via our social channels.

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