Football Manager 2023: Major Savings Available NOW

Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023 is a smash hit, with critics and players alike once again lauding the latest addition in the series from Sports Interactive.

The glorious wonderkid-producing simulator allows you to step into the stressful shoes of a football manager and attempt to bring your club to glory.

With the game available across all platforms, there is truly no greater time to get involved.

Especially now. With a staggering 40% discount available on Football Manager 2023 right now!

40% Off Football Manager 2023

You read that correctly, Football Manager 2023 is presently available for 40% off the RRP.

This incredible offer is presently available across all platforms, with varying end dates for the sale.

Football Manager 2023 Sale
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SALE SALE SALE - Major discounts are available across the board

It's become an annual tradition for Sports Interactive to massively slash the price around this time of year, allowing new players to step into the game and get started in the world of football management.

This offer runs out on most platforms on Monday 22 May, meaning you need to act fast in order to secure your copy at a super-cheap price.

If it is your first time stepping into the world of FM, we've linked some helpful guides below that will help you get started on the right foot.

Football Manager 2023 Beginner's Guide

Football Manager's plethora of exciting new features can be daunting to many, so we've got you covered for the best tips and tricks to get started on the right foot.

Football Manager 2023 Musiala
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SIMPLY THE BEST - There are no better wonderkids than Jamal Musiala

Knowing where to start can be challenging, but this helpful guide will run you through the basics to get your career on the right track.

From wonderkid scouting to tips on how to tackle the board, follow these tips to ensure you can become a true managerial legend.

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Football Manager 2023 Wonderkids

Everyone has a slightly different definition when it comes to what makes a wonderkid, so why don't we give you ours?

We are looking for players that start the game aged 21 or younger. This means they can still develop their attributes and become even better than they currently are. And that's really it.

Endrick's Football Manager 2023 attributes at the start of a new game
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We will be basing our picks on their current ability (CA) and potential ability (PA) within the Football Manager 2023 database. The important thing to remember is that some teenagers in Football Manger get a PA range (eg 150-180) which means that any time you load up a new save their PA will fall somewhere within that bracket.

So sometimes a wonderkid can be at the top of their range and turn into the next Lionel Messi, or sometimes they will be at the bottom and simply be Serge Gnabry - still good but not quite godlike.

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