Football Manager 2023: Further NEW Features Announced

Football Manager 2023 New Features

Football Manager 2023 New Features

Football Manager 2023 is nearly here, with brand new features announced for this year's game.

We've already seen the headline features but now FMFC has given us even more details about what will be coming in this year's game.

Check below to find out everything you need to know about Football Manager 2023's newest features.

FM23 New Features ANNOUNCED

Sports Interactive has been wasting no time in announcing new features for this year's game, with FM23 set to be the most immersive instalment in the franchise yet.

The latest feature reveals have offered insight into minor improvements made, with new additions expanding already-existing features.

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Data Hub

The Data Hub - introduced in FM22 - will now include expected assists, a popular metric in the analysis community.

Football Manager 2023 Data Hub
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BETTER THAN EVER - The Data Hub has seen major improvements

A number of new stats will also feature in the Data Hub this year, with all stats now having per 90 minutes metrics, allowing you to make easy comparisons between players and teams.

Progressive Passes have also been implemented with 'Passing Dynamics graphs' introduced, giving you a breakdown of the pros and cons of the data showcased.

The showcasing of data within a match has also been improved, with new data visualisations incorporated into the Touchline Tablet display

To better showcase what made a match’s best player so effective, you’ll now receive bespoke Player of the Day news items featuring notable stats and visualisations highlighting their performance.

Manager Creation

Football Manager 2023 will offer more customisation options for your manager's appearance than ever before.

Six new male and six new female hairstyles have been added along with new suits and a range of new accessories.

The technology that translates a real-life image into your manager's face has also been improved.

Pre-Match Briefings

Pre-match briefings have also had a shake-up to improve both the content featured during them but also how this information is displayed to you as manager.

Your assistant manager will now report back on squad happiness and raise any concerns over player attitude, citing things like their body language as evidence.

This information will be presented in a three-column grid, allowing you to see the player's reactions more visibly. Should multiple players react in the same way, only the most influential player will be named but a tooltip will allow you to see all of those falling under that category.

Online Modes

Changes have been made to the Versus Mode in Football Manager 2023, offering an all-time leaderboard and also allowing you to easily export your data at the end of each season.

Within Versus mode and Fantasy Draft, you’re now able to set the number of substitutes you want to use in the game

In online Career Mode, the FM team has made it easier for you to join a friend's game when your fixture is complete, allowing you to scout them before your next heavyweight clash.

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