FM22 Wonderkid Central Midfielders: Ten Pass MASTERS that will dominate for years to come

With Football Manager 2022 now out, it's time to bring in those wonderkids to futureproof your squad.

We're looking at wonderkid centre midfielders this time, who will be able to dictate the play and get stuck in when needed.

Find out who makes the list of the best wonderkid centre midfielders in FM22, below.

Defining wonderkids

As many of you will know, a wonderkid is a player under the age of 19 with a high potential ability.

From players you can capture on loan to stars that you can splash mega-money on, this list has your FM22 shortlists covered.

Eduardo Camavinga (CA 136 - PA Range 170-200)

FM22 Eduardo Camavinga
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Age: 18

Club: Real Madrid

Value: £58-£74 million

Wage: £125,000 a week

Already earning himself a big move to Spain, Eduardo Camavinga's stock has never been higher.

A certified wonderkid for the past couple of years, this French superstar is once again set to shine as one of the hottest prospects in Football Manager 2022.

Ilaix Moriba (CA 136 - PA Range 170-200)

FM22 Ilaix Moriba
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RACE YOU TO THE TOP - Ilaix Moriba is a real challenger to Camavinga as a potential best

Age: 18

Club: RB Leipzig

Value: £74-£92 million

Wage: £24,500 a week

Ilaix Moriba is another man that could reach maximum ability in FM22.

He has great skill with the ball at his feet and decent physicality about him to give the opposition a challenge to mark.

Jude Bellingham (CA 143 - PA Range 160-190)

FM22 Jude Bellingham
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SUPERSTAR - Bellingham is already playing top class football

Age: 18

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Value: £86-£103 million

Wage: £48,500 a week

Arguably the greatest wonderkid in world football right now, Jude Bellingham is the superstar of the century.

His incredible spread of stats make him desirable for any manager, could you be the one that takes him from Dortmund and nurtures him into a superstar?

Ryan Gravenberch (CA 137 - PA Range 150-180)

FM22 Ryan Gravenberch
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POWER PLAYER - Gravenberch will strike fear into opposition defenders

Age: 19

Club: Ajax

Value: £42-£52 million

Wage: £48,500 a week

Ryan Gravenberch has the physicality of a player you would usually associate with being defensively inclined, but don't be fooled, he has no intention of being kept away from the opposition's goal.

Graceful with the ball at his feet, he can charge at defences and, if he doesn't spot a good pass, unleash a powerful long shot.

Gavi (CA 130 - PA Range 150-180)

FM22 Gavi
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BARCA'S SAVIOR - Gavi is one of many wonderkids Barcelona having coming through

Age: 16

Club: Barcelona

Value: £43-£53 million

Wage: £2,600 a week

Barcelona's academy is their one-way ticket out of the financial mire, and Gavi is the perfect example of a wonderkid that can make them forget about their troubles.

With the potential to grow to similar heights as another Spanish midfielder with a four-letter name, this Barca pass master is one to watch in Football Manager 2022.

Nicolo Rovella (CA 129 - PA 150-180)

FM22 Nicolo Rovella
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LOAN RANGER - You will have to wait before a move for Rovella

Age: 19

Club: Genoa (on loan from Zebre [Juventus])

Value: £16.5-£27 million

Wage: £30,500 a week

Nicolo Rovella is a very driven player but may need to find a position to specialise in to reach his potential.

Currently on loan, maybe you could swoop in the future and lure him to your club.

Samuele Ricci (CA 127 - PA Range 150-180)

FM22 Samuele Ricci
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ACT FAST - Many clubs will be wanting to bring Ricci to them

Age: 19

Club: Empoli

Value: £10.5-£16.5 million

Wage: £30,500 a week

An Italian hotshot with a great pedigree, it's almost certain that Samuelle Ricci will reach the top in FM22.

With his excellent range of stats and a brilliant potential rating, you need to snap up Ricci before one of the big boys beats you to it.

Alfie Devine (CA 106 - PA Range 150-180)

FM22 Alfie Devine
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DEVINE JUDGEMENT - Alfie can spot the crucial passes

Age: 16

Club: Tottenham

Value: £29-£39 million

Wage: £150 a week

Say what you want about Tottenham, but they know how to produce young talent, and Alfie Devine looks to be the next name on the list of talented Spurs academy graduates.

An excellent passer with great vision and composure, Devine is a player that could rocket your team to success in Football Manager 2022.

Takuhiro Nakai (CA 96 - PA Range 150-180)

FM22 Takuhiro Nakai
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POSITION CHANGE NEEDED - Nakai may be best utilized as a CAM

Age: 17

Club: Real Madrid

Value: £4.8 million

Wage: £2,000 a week

Nakai Takuhiro is still coming through the youth ranks at Real Madrid which means you could snap him up for very little.

He may not have the physicality to mix it in the centre of the pitch, but his brilliant passing and touch could make him into one of the great attacking midfielders in the game.

Paulo Bernardo (CA 118 - PA Range 140-170)

FM22 Paulo Bernardo
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PORTUGUESE POTENTIAL - Bernardo is another possible great for the country

Age: 19

Club: Benfica

Value: £10.5-£13 million

Wage: £2,800 a week

The next big thing to rise from the ranks of Portuguese football, Paulo Bernardo is the perfect player for any manager looking for a wonderkid hidden gem.

His all-round statistical outlay and potential ceiling make him an exciting prospect for any team, but can you stump up the cash that will bring him to your club?

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