Football Manager 2022 Update targets Slow Performance during Beta

Football Manager 2022 is coming soon with its November 9th release date, and in the meantime, players are getting started on their new campaigns with the FM 22 beta.

With the FM 22 beta, however, there have been some bumps in the road. One of those has been consistent performances issues slowing the game down massively in certain areas.

A new Football Manager 2022 update has just gone live to fight these issues, and here's everything you need to know about it!

Release Time

The latest FM 22 update went live on Steam and the Epic Games Store alike at roughly 1pm EST on Tuesday, October 26th.

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GAME TIME: The FM 22 beta is only getting better with this new update

That means players can hop online now to download the update to enjoy the performance improvements. If it hasn't been automatically downloaded, use Steam or the Epic Games Store client to update your game, and restart your game/log out if you still don't see it.

File Size

The October 26th FM 22 update lands at 265.6 MB for its file size, making it a very light download you won't have to do any hard drive cleanup for.

Despite the small size, however, the update tackles a big problem.

Patch Notes

While we don't have a formal set of patch notes from SI on the new Football Manager 2022 update, we do have some of the things it's targeted.

This includes addressing one of the biggest complaints players have had since the beginning of the beta - gameplay slowing down and massive periods of lag.

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MAKING A MARK: Player bug reports have helped clear up the first major problem of the FM 22 beta

The new FM 22 Update tackles the following:

  • Performance issues and the game slowing down during certain periods (Deadline Day, long term simulation, and more)

With this, SI expects players to have a better time with FM 22 slowing down during some of its most exciting times.

This patch is a great sign to show that FM 22 bugs will be sorted out quickly, and that player feedback is heard loud and clear.

If you have any other issues with the FM 22 beta or notice any other bugs, SI recommends you report them via their bug tracker here.

With enough reports, you'll likely see these bugs addressed before launch day!

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