Football Manager 2022: Final Content Update Delayed

The Football Manager 2022 Winter Update has only just landed, bringing staff changes and real-life January transfers into the game.

However, attention has already turned to FM's upcoming content update, following distressing events witnessed in Ukraine.

FM22 Content Update Delayed

SI head Miles Jacobson has announced that the final content update for Football Manager 2022 will arrive later than usual.

SI has already demonstrated intolerance to controversial figures, with Mason Greenwood removed from the game in the most recent Winter Update.

Miles Jacobson confirmed in a Tweet that the final content update has been delayed due to 'sanctions and bans that have been put in place by various authorities due to the war in Ukraine.'

EA Sports have already acted fast, removing the Russian national team and ALL Russian domestic clubs from FIFA 22, a decision that could also be reflected in Football Manager 2022.

As ever, any potential removal will take time as the team at SI tweak, test and submit their changes in order to keep Football Manager 2022 running smoothly.

Fan Reaction

Whilst no Football Manager 2022 fan advocates for the distressing scenes unfolding in Ukraine, some fans have voiced an opinion opposing the removal of the Russian domestic leagues.

When pondering the removal of the RPL (Russian Premier League), one fan wrote 'the game is escape. Covid wasn't in, and IMO this shouldn't be either.'

Some fans have echoed this sentiment, with FM always carefully traversing the line between realism and escapism.

As Jacobson articulated in a follow-up message, the team at SI have colleagues in all affected countries and the immediate thoughts of the team are with them at this difficult time.

It remains to be seen whether the Russian national team and all major Russian leagues will be removed from Football Manager 2022, but that decision may seem likely following the actions of other major sports games.

EA Remove the Russian national team

EA released an official statement regarding the Russian national team and its place in FIFA 22.

For now, Russia and all Russian clubs will be removed from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile, and FIFA Online, while other areas of the game are actively being reviewed.

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