Football Manager 2022 Bargain Wingers: Super CHEAP wing wizards that will light up your team

Football Manager 2022 has finally arrived, which means you can jump in right now and start assembling your superstar squad.

Every Football Manager player loves a super cheap signing the reaps high rewards, and we've got you covered for ten of the best bargain wingers that you can sign in Football Manager 2022.

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Marcelo Allende (CA 131 - PA 143)

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Age: 22

Club: M.C Torque

Value: £200,000 - 7 million

Wage: £300 a week

Speed doesn't always dictate quality when it comes to wingers, and that much is true when you look at Marcelo Allende.

Whilst he may appear to be anything special, this superstar Chilean is a talented dribbler who could develop into a seriously dangerous player.

Douglas Costa (CA 143 - PA 172)

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Age: 30

Club: GRE (on loan from Zebre)

Value: £5.8 - 9 million

Wage: £73,000 a week

Conversely, you could go for a speedy option and hope that Douglas Costa can rekindle the form that has seen him turn out for top clubs such as Bayern Munich or Juventus (AKA Zebre).

A superstar with plenty of flair, this Brazilian hotshot could be an expert bargain capture for less than £10 million.

Ihlas Bebou (CA 136 - PA 140)

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Age: 27

Club: Hoffenheim

Value: £700,000 - 8.4 million

Wage: £33,000 a week

A hidden gem who can operate down both flanks, as well as play up front, Ihlas Bebou is a player you need to try in Football Manager 2022.

The Togolese winger is currently plying his trade in Germany, but we think you can prize this pacey customer away and develop him into an FM22 star.

Henry Onyekuru (CA 125 - PA 140)

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Age: 24

Club: Olympiacos

Value: £4.8 - 8 million

Wage: £38,500 a week

Henry Onyekuru already seems to have been around forever, but in reality, the Nigerian's career has never really gotten started.

Available for a bargain price from Olympiacos, can you help the former Everton winger reach his full potential?

Naci Unuvar (CA 118 - PA 140 - 170)

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Age: 18

Club: Ajax

Value: £350,000 - 3.5 million

Wage: £900 a week

A superstar wonderkid available for a serious bargain in Football Manager 2022, signing Naci Unuvar should be one of the first things you do in this year's game.

A developing prospect who can play in a variety of positions, this flying Dutchman could become the next big star for your team.

Zakaria Bakkali (CA 108 - PA 130)

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Age: 25

Club: Anderlecht

Value: £120,000

Wage: £20,000 a week

From a present wonderkid to one of the past, hopes were once high for the career of Zakaria Bakkali.

Now transfer listed at Anderlecht and searching for a new home, can you help the Belgian rekindle the form that once had him hailed as the next best thing?

Ben Woodburn (CA 113 - PA 138)

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Age: 21

Club: Hearts (on loan from Liverpool)

Value: £750,000 - 1.7 million

Wage: £5,000 a week

Everyone believed that Ben Woodburn would become King of Wales after his debut striker against Austria for his national team, but things haven't exactly gone to plan.

Still at Liverpool, but currently on loan at Hearts in Scotland, it's about time this former prospect was given the chance to shine.

Kyogo Furuhashi (CA 127 - PA 142)

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Age: 26

Club: Celtic

Value: £6.4 - 8.2 million

Wage: £17,500 a week

A new cult hero at Celtic, Kyogo Furuhashi is already proving his class in the Scottish league.

Whilst you may not be able to prize him away in your first season, we have no doubt that this Japanese star will be a hit whenever you decide to pick him up.

Charly Musonda (CA 117 - PA 130 - 160)

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Age: 24

Club: Chelsea

Value: £1.8 million

Wage: £40,000 a week

A number of Chelsea players are available for low prices at the start of Football Manager 2022, and we think you should be taking advantage.

One of those players is hotshot youngster Charly Musonda who - given his high potential ceiling - could become a truly impressive bargain purchase for your team.

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