FM22 New Features: Developers reveal Data will be KING this year

The Football Manager 2022 team has given us its first deep-dive on the game's new features, which were revealed just a week ago.

With a focus on Data, a new Animation Engine, improved pressing system and the long-awaited arrival of the Wide Centre Back - there is plenty to get excited about this year.

FM22 Features Deep Dive

This is the first part in two reveals from FM around the new features - with the second arriving next week.

Data, Data, Data

It's crazy just how much data managers have at their disposal these days - and you will see ALL of that in Football Manager 2022 this year.

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MOMENTUM SWING - Adjust your tactics (carefully) to strike when your side's on top

All of that information can be overwhelming, however, with the new "Ask For" tool allowing you to see the exact metrics you desire.

xG, aerial duels, possession turnovers - you name it, you can look at the data that's most valuable to you and input that on your teams.

Pass Maps receive a greater detail, as you can see the most common passes between your players - so if the centre backs are just passing the ball between them without moving it up the field, you can make the adjustment accordingly.

Engine overload

FM's match engine has always been quite limited, with players seeming to slide around the pitch and even through opposition challenges.

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OUTDATED - FM21's Match Engine is a thing of the past

This should change on FM22 thanks to the new animation engine, which significantly affects dribbling.

The ball will actually be in connection with the player's foot, with players showing greater balance, swifter turns and better decision making of when to dribble.

Cruyff turns will also now be possible thanks to this new system.

A new role

It might seem overly simple, but the Wide Centre Back include is very significant.

Implemented by the likes of Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte over the years, this will allow the two wide centre backs in a back three to get further up the pitch and join the attack.

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ROAMING - Your defenders can now join in, but ensure the balance of the side is there

It's not as simple though, with this role affecting the enitre movement of the rest of your team.

With your centre backs getting forward, where do your wing-backs go? Or your wingers - and who is covering defensively if you lose the ball.

It's all of these factors as to why it's taken so long for Sports Interactive to bring the role to the game.

It's almost kick-off

Fans who pre-purchase Football Manager 2022 (for PC and Mac) up until launch will receive a 10% discount.

They will also have the chance to kick-off their managerial career ahead of schedule with Early Access to FM22.

Early Access will be available roughly two weeks prior to the official street date and single-player careers started in that period can be carried across to the final game.

Pre-order the game right here.

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