Football Manager 2022 Bargain Wonderkids: Make MAJOR savings on the next generation of talent

Football Manager 2022 has finally arrived, which means you can jump in NOW and get started on your brand new managerial adventure.

We know you love a bargain, and those super cheap deals are even better when you end up securing some of the best young talents in the world.

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Bargain Wonderkids

Signing low and selling high is one way to please your board and guarantee success in Football Manager 2022.

Check below for a list of ten wonderkid superstars that are available for mega cheap deals in this year's game.

Andrea Papetti (CA 118 - PA 130 - 160)

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Age: 19

Club: Brescia

Value: £700,000 - 7 million

Wage: £7,500 a week

A well rounded defender who could become an integral part of your backline for years to come, Andrea Papetti is a player who should be at the very top of your shortlist.

Already showing signs of great potential, securing this Italian wonderkid could lead to great success in FM22.

George Bello (CA 110 - PA 130 - 160)

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Age: 19

Club: Atlanta United

Value: £140,000 - 1.4 million

Wage: £1,900 a week

Already attracting some of Europe's biggest clubs, George Bello is a superstar left back with bags of potential.

A speedy option who also has a good eye for a pass, Bello could be the bargain of the century if you snap him up quickly.

Nemanja Motika (CA 106 - PA 130 - 160)

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Age: 18

Club: Bayern Munich

Value: £650,000 - 6.6 million

Wage: £3,000 a week

Bayern Munich knows how to develop top young stars, and Nemanja Motika is set to continue that trend.

A growing star who could become one of Europe's best, you should be taking a look at securing this German youngster before his price shoots up.

Ben Williamson (CA 91 - PA 120 - 150)

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Age: 19

Club: Livingston (on loan from Rangers)

Value: £450,000 - 4.5 million

Wage: £1,500 a week

A determined midfielder with some impressive bravery and aggression stats, you can tell Ben Williamson is a product of the Scotland youth system.

A hearty player with plenty of room to grow, Williamson has all the credentials to become your club's captain.

Nayel Mehssatou (CA 110 - 110 - 140)

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Age: 18

Club: Anderlecht

Value: £400,000 - 4 million

Wage: £850 a week

A versatile option who can play in a variety of positions, Nayel Mehssatou could be a great player to bring into your squad.

Already operating at a decent level, this wonderkid full back could be the next big name to emerge from Belgian football.

Mikki Van Sas (CA 81 - PA 130 - 160)

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Age: 17

Club: Manchester City

Value: £3.3 - 7 million

Wage: £6,000 a week

Mikki Van Sas may not be the cheapest option on this list, but investing early in this Dutch 'keeper could lead to over a decade of success.

A small price to pay for a consistent starter, Van Sas has all the credentials to become one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Alex Robertson (CA 85 - PA 120 - 150)

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Age: 18

Club: Ross Couty (on loan from Manchester City)

Value: £100,000 - 1 million

Wage: £900 a week

You won't be breaking the bank if you want to sign Alex Robertson, but you'll certainly be guaranteeing yourself a talented player with plenty of room to grow.

The Peruvian attacking midfield would be an excellent option for your team, offering you a talented star for a bargain price.

Bart Verbruggen (CA 105 - PA 120 - 150)

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Age: 18

Club: Anderlecht

Value: £450,000 - 4.6 million

Wage: £2,800 a week

Much like Van Sas, Bart Verbruggen is a top young 'keeper currently operating at a high level despite his young age.

With plenty of room to grow, this Dutch shot stopper is certain to be one of the best bargain signings you will make in Football Manager 2022.

Eliot Matazo (CA 107 - PA 120 - 150)

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Age: 19

Club: AS Monaco

Value: £230,000 - 2.3 million

Wage: £2,500

One of the finest options on this list, you'd be mad not to try and sign Eliot Matazo given his low price and high potential.

A well rounded central midfielder who is only set to develop, Matazo is a real hidden gem who could progress into a star in Football Manager 2022.

Zeno Debast (CA 98 - PA 130 - 160)

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Age: 17

Club: Anderlecht

Value: £550,000 - 5.2 million

Wage: £850 a week

The youngest option on this list, Zeno Debast is another talented youngster currently developing through the ranks at Anderlecht.

With his stock set to rise and his ability only going to increase, you need to swoop in now to secure this wonderkid centre half.

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