FM21 Xbox: Full Breakdown - Graphics, 4K, HDR & more

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The news surround FM21's Xbox return just keeps coming and coming!

We've already had a confirmed release date as well as a whole range of new features, and now we have even more news.

FM Xbox Edition Breakdown

From the number of selectable nations per save to 4K and HRD support, we now know everything we need to know about FM21 on the Xbox.

Let's break it down for you.

Xbox Edition Cross-Save

It doesn't matter if you're playing on the Xbox One or the Series X, every single edition of FM21 will have the Xbox Edition Cross-Save enabled.

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Although any of the supported online modes will only be compatible with other members of the Xbox ecosystem, so you won't be able to take on a Windows 10 user on your Series X.

5* Graphics on Next Gen

We know of the graphical capabilities of the Next Gen consoles, and now Sports Interactive have confirmed that if you're looking for top tier visuals, then Next Gen is the place to be.

Xbox series S comparison 1
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They have ranked the graphics on both the Series X and Series S as 5*, with the Windows 10 and the Xbox One X|S versions of the game closely following with a 4* rating.

Those playing on the default version of the Xbox One will see a 3* graphics game.

4K and HDR Support

4K and HDR support has also been revealed.


Unsurprisingly, it's the higher-powered Series X which has the best capabilities on the 4K front, running Native 4K.

Native 4K is also supported on Windows 10 by those with a PC capable of running it.

FM 21 console performance
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Upscaled 4K will feature on the Series S and the Xbox One X|S.

HDR is not supported on the base Xbox One.


The Xbox One S|X and the Xbox Series X|S will all support HDR.

HDR will not be supported on the Windows 10 or the Xbox One versions of FM21.

Nations Per Save

The Next Gen gamers will benefit in this department.

They will join Windows 10 users in being able to select up to 10 nations per save.

Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X users will be limited to 5.

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