The Top 10 Wonderkid Goalkeepers in FM 21

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The FM21 Winter Update has arrived.

But how has it affected the wonderkid goalkeepers within this year's title? Let's find out.

Wonderkid Goalkeepers

Usually, we work off the rule that wonderkids are still in their 'teenage years' but not with goalkeepers.

Seeing as the men between the sticks usually peak slightly later, we've upped the minimum age to 21, which spells good news for Gianluigi Donnarumma fans.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (CA 160 - PA 182)

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TOP OF THE TREE - Donnarumma remains the best young stopper in FM for another year

Age: 21

Club: AC

Best Attributes: 17-19 jumping reach, 18 reflexes, 16 one on ones

Value: £28M

Wage: £195,000 per week

Was it ever really in doubt?

The best wonderkid goalkeeper on FM21 is none other than Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Despite establishing himself as one of Europe's best, the Italian is still only 21-years-old. His PA of 182 is by far and wide the best on the game, though he won't come cheap.

Maarten Vandevoordt (CA 108 - PA 150-180)

Vandevoordt FM21
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SAFE HANDS - Vandevoordt is the top-rated young stopper this year

Age: 18

Club: KRC Genk

Best Attributes: 15-19 agility, 14-18 kicking, 13-18 jumping reach

Value: £3.3M

Wage: £4,100 per week

Closely following Donnarumma is Genk's 18-year-old stopper, Maarten Vandevoordt.

Despite making his UCL debut last season, the Belgian is still listed as a Future Prospect for the Pro League club.

Vandevoort has one of the best potentials of any wonderkid GK on FM21. He's worth picking up whilst you still can.

Illan Meslier (CA 138 - PA 158)

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Number 1 - As Leeds' first choice, Meslier will be hard to get hold of

Age: 20

Club: Leeds United

Best Attributes: 17-20 jumping reach, 15-19 reflexes, 12-18 natural fitness

Value: £17.5m

Wage: £25,000 per week

Illan Meslier has been one of the top goalkeepers in the Premier League this season, and that form has been reflected in this year's FM.

The young French stopper has a potential ability of 158, which would take him in and around the best in the division.

Alban Lafont (CA 130 - PA 156)

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VIVE LA FRANCE - France have some of the best young keepers around

Age: 21

Club: FC Nantes

Best Attributes: 15-18 natural fitness, 14-17 jumping reach, 14-17 reflexes

Value: £3.3M

Wage: 17,750 per week

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Meslier, then you may want to consider Alban Lafont.

The French keeper is currently plying his trade at FC Nantes and whilst he may not be as good as Meslier, there PA's are very similar.

Tim Ronning (CA 123 - PA 155)

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CHEAP BEAST - Ronning's value for money is insane

Age: 21

Club: Elfborg

Best Attributes: 15-20 jumping reach, 15-19 aerial reach, 13-19 handling

Value: £775k

Wage: £1,600 per week

For those of you willing to take a hit on the CA's in order to save a bit of cash, Elfsborg stopper Tim Ronning may be the man for you.

The 21-year-old has a measly £1.5k p/w wage, which is great for those working at a lower league club with a tighter budget.

Matvey Safonov (CA 129 - PA 155)

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HOW MUCH? - Safanov is asking for too much for our liking

Age: 21

Club: Krasnador

Best Attributes: 15-20 concentration, 14-19 reflexes, 13-18 one on ones

Value: £1.8M

Wage: £17,500 per week

The next young goalkeeper on this list is Russian stopper, Matvey Safonov.

The 21-year-old has decent potential, but his £17.5k p/w wages are a bit of a sticking point for us, we'd go Ronning over Safonov every day of the week.

Diogo Costa (CA 129 - PA 155)

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ALTERNATIVES - Costa provides the same as Safonov, but for much less

Age: 20

Club: FCP

Best Attributes: 12-18 bravery, 13-17 kicking, 13-17 agility

Value: £2.2M

Wage: £3,400 per week

FCP's Portuguese keeper, Diogo Costa, is another with the potential to rise to a rating of 155.

In fact, the 20-year-old has identical stats to Sofonov, but with a much lower weekly wage. He's one worth considering if you're strapped for cash.

Andriy Lunin (CA 120 - PA 140-170)

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GALACTICO - Lunin is one of many reasons to choose Madrid

Age: 21

Club: Real Madrid

Best Attributes: 15-18 determination, 13-17 one on ones, 13-16 agility

Value: £1.3M

Wage: £6,000 per week

Real Madrid's Andriy Lunin is the next name on the list of best wonderkid goalkeepers in FM21.

The Ukrainian is one that we'd avoid going after, in the most part due to the fact that Real will more than likely ask for an extortionate fee to prise their young prospect away from the Bernabeu.

Alex Padilla (CA 76 - PA 140-170)

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YOUNG GUN - Padilla is a great long term prospect

Age: 16

Club: A. Bilbao U19s

Best Attributes: 12-18 reflexes, 12-18 bravery, 8-16 leadership

Value: £33.5k

Wage: £425 a week

If a high current ability isn't top of your list, then you should definitely consider Bilbao's young stopper, Alex Padilla.

The 16-year-old has already developed his reflexes and bravery and, with the right tutelage, he could become one of the games best.

Alejandro Iturbe (CA 70 - PA 140-170)

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DEVELOPMENT - He'll require some TLC, but he'll be worth it

Age: 16

Club: Atletico Madrid U18's

Best Attributes: 10-16 rushing out tendency, 9-15 decision, 8-14 aerial reach

Value: £28k

Wage: £325 per week

Another player in a similar position to Padilla is Atletico Madrid's Alejandro Iturbe.

He may be one of the youngest on the list, but by no means is the Spaniard any less valuable.

Iturbe has all the potential to go to the very top and could definitely don the goalkeeper jersey for your reserve side to help his development.

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